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The 2005 Royal Enfield Motorcycle Range

Bullet 350 Classic

Royal Enfield Bullet 350

The Bullet is unique in being a machine of the 1950's but made today with the benefit of modern technology and a full national dealer network. Over 100 modifications have been made to the Bullet in the past 5 years but, with the exception of the indicators, it still looks the same as it did 50 years ago. Available in black.

Bullet 350 Deluxe

Mechanically identical to the 350 Classic, but with chrome tank with knee-pads, mudguards and battery cover. The deluxe looks and sounds authentic and will attract a crowd wherever you park it! Available in black, red or peacock blue.

Bullet 350T

Watsonian have developed this 350cc model that is evocative of pre-'65 trials bikes, made famous by riders like Johnny Brittain. Based on the classic Royal Enfield Bullet motorcycle, these UK-only models are substantially modified, with painted silver tank, single sprung seat, wide handlebars, upswept trail exhaust system, alloy mudguards, bash-plate and off-road "knobbly" tyres.

Bullet 500 Classic

Royal Enfield Bullet 500

Although not significantly faster than the original 350, the 500cc Bullet offers considerably more torque, giving noticeably swifter acceleration and more tractable power. Its higher gearing than the 350 helps the 500cc model to achieve a higher cruising speed. An electric start version is available for an extra £250. Available in black and Silver.

Bullet 500 Deluxe

Every bit as authentic as the 500 Classic but with the luxury of chrome tank, mudguards and battery cover. You'll get as much pleasure from polishing it as from riding it! Available in black, red or peacock blue. An electric start version is available for an extra £250.

Bullet Sixty-5 Army

Royal Enfield Bullet 65 Army

Royal Enfield opened a plant in Madras shortly after the Second World War to supply motorcycles to the Indian army. Since then the factory has supplied over 100,000 machines to the Indian army and a further 25,000 to the Police. This up-dated model features an authentic paint scheme, heavily valenced mudguards, crash bars and "ammo-box" panniers. To help riders cope with modern traffic the bike is equipped with electric start and 5-speed gearbox.

Bullet Sixty-5

Royal Enfield Bullet 65

The Bullet Sixty-5 is the latest in the Bullet series and takes Royal Enfield forward into the 1960's. The new 5-speed gearbox with left foot change was designed & developed in the UK by Dr. Stuart McGuigan of Cranfield University. Fitted with flatter bars and seat than the standard Bullet and finished in metallic paint, the Sixty-5 is highly evocative of machines of the Sixties. The Bullet Sixty-5 has electric starting as standard. Available in metallic black, red, blue or silver.

Bullet Sixty-5 Street

Royal Enfield Bullet 65 Street

Based on the Bullet Sixty-5, launched at last year's Show, the Street is inspired by the 'street scramblers' that the British industry exported so successfully in the late 1960's. Produced exclusively for the UK market, the Sixty-5 Street is equipped the new 5-speed left foot gear-change, (standard Bullets are fitted with a traditional 4-speed right foot gear-change). Other changes from the standard Bullet Sixty-5 include a new chromed tank with matching headlamp peak, solo seat, chrome rear rack, trials handlebars, and TT100 tyres. The short sports silencer allows the traditional British 500cc OHV engine to produce an authentic exhaust note.

Bullet Sixty-5 Sportsman

Royal Enfield Bullet 65 Sportsman

The Sportsman is inspired by the Royal Enfield factory cafe racers of the 1960's and follows in the footsteps of the alloy-tanked Clubman, launched in 2001. Produced exclusively for the UK market, the Sixty-5 Sportsman is equipped with the new 5-speed left foot gear-change, (the original Clubman has a traditional 4-speed right foot gear-change), and has electric start as standard. Changes from the standard model include composite GRP tank with steel liner and GRP solo seat unit, chrome mudguards, rear set foot rests, ace bars and upswept "Gold Star" style silencer.

Bullet Electra-X

Royal Enfield Bullet Electra

The world's longest running production motorcycle has got a brand new engine after 55 years. Although the new model is at first glance unchanged from the 1950's, it has a brand new 500cc lean-burn engine, (producing an extra 15% bhp), 5-speed gearbox (designed in the UK) and a front disc brake. Other new features include a modified frame with new front forks & mudguard, gas filled rear dampers, Avon Super Venom and Roadrunner tyres and re-styled panels, indicators and tank badges.

Bullet 500-T

Like the 350cc version, the 500-T is a UK-only model, based around the Indian-built Bullet and has proved to be hugely popular. Equally at home on the tarmac or green lanes, it is well suited to city life and stands out from the crowd. An electric start option is available for an extra £250.

500 Clubman-S

Royal Enfield Clubman 500S

Riders looking to recapture the cafe racer spirit can now satisfy their cravings with the Clubman 500-S. The first "new" Enfield to be developed in the UK since the 1970's! Based upon the Indian-made 500cc Bullet, the 500-S is a joint development between Watsonian-Squire and performance specialist Norman Hyde. Obvious changes from the standard Bullet are the big polished aluminium tank, ace bars, single seat and sports exhaust. All of these unique components are British-made, many by craftsmen who worked in the original British factories.

500 Clubman-GT

The 500 Clubman-GT has been developed in response to demand from the public for a 1960's café racer styled mount with a more upright riding position and the capability to carry a pillion. Like the 500-S it features a polished alloy tank and sports exhaust. An electric start option is available for an extra £250.

Sidecar outfits

Royal Enfield 500 ES Sidecar 350 Stratford Sidecar

Since its launch over 50 years ago, the Royal Enfield Bullet has proved a successful and popular choice for sidecar users. Now UK distributors Watsonian-Squire have developed two specifically matched outfits, which are on sale fully assembled, tested and ready to hit the road. The 350cc Bullet has been matched to a Watsonian Stratford, a single seat lightweight sidecar manufactured from fibreglass on a platform chassis. Its 16" spoked wheel, deeply valenced mudguard and lustrous paintwork give it a real Fifties look. The 500cc Bullet has been paired with the Watsonian Manx, based on the sidecar made famous by the Two Fat Ladies. Also manufactured from fibreglass, the Manx has a black perimeter frame, 16" spoked wheels and a luggage compartment behind the folding seat.