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Indian Custom Motorcycles

Bike Image Description
1940 Indian Chief Chopper Indian Chief Chopper 1200cc engine in '70s Uncle Bunt Frame. Triumph quick shift gearbox.
1958 Indian "Constellation"/ Bobber 1958 INDIAN "Constellation"/ Bobber

The rubber side front is a 2.75X19, the rear is a 510X16. The gas tank is a Wassel Peanut accessory tank from the time period. Painted with flat black over silver, and cleared with a matte urethane. Rear fender the same. Both fenders have been bobbed from their stock form. Custom mounting brackets secure them well to the bike. Every effort has been made to keep the overall period look to the bike. All parts added are from the 1960’s when the bike would have been altered. The motor is a combination of the best of Royal Enfield.

The top end and motor cases are 1959 Constellation model high compression set-ups. The motor case covers have been highly polished. The transmission is an earlier rod actuated lever type. The fenders have been replaced that he fitted on the bike. The forward controls are all custom made and are in perfect placement so the bike feels natural. The exhaust pipes have been painted flat black with 1800 degree high temperature paint. The snuffers are a Sterling brand and keep the sound of the bike polite but pronounced. They are as effective as commonly used HD type Shorties.

1941 Indian 741 Bobber 1941 Indian Bobber 600cc.
1955 Indian Chopper Flat Tracker 1955 Indian Chopper Flat Tracker 1700cc
1933 Indian Custom 1933 Indian Custom
  • 100% tig-welded construction
  • Custom One Off Fabricated Frame
  • KIWI Motorcycles new 84 CI engine
  • Chief Overdrive 4 Speed
  • Leaf Spring Springer
  • Custom Fabricated Tank
  • Custom Fabricated Dry Sump Oil Tank
  • Custom Fabricated Battery Box
  • Custom Tooled Leather Seat by Shirley Zanelli of Bad Ass Seats
  • 21" x 3.25 Deep Drawn 40 spoke wheels
  • Nickel Plating Throughout


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