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The Ultimate Kawasaki Z 1000 Streetfighter

The Ultimate Kawasaki Z 1000 StreetfighterKawasaki Z 1000 StreetfighterKawasaki Z1000 StreetfighterKawasaki Streetfighter

KONQUISTADOR: This is the name of the ultimate streetfighter based on the current
Kawasaki Z 1000 which is now introduced by German bike customizer WARM UP,:

The bike fascinates with its single-arm swingarm with 240 rear tire and its custom design containing double headlights, a belly pan and a raised seat/tail unit including an under-seat sport exhaust system made from stainless steel. The spectacular appearance is rounded out with numerous chrome applications
and an extensive custom paintjob. The WARM UP KONQUISTADOR costs 29,900 Euros.

While the 125 hp four cylinder engine remains standard, the modifications, which turn the standard motorcycle into the WARM UP KONQUISTADOR, are equally extensive and exclusive. The ultra-wide Metzeler ME 880 Marathon 240/40 R 18 rear tire attracts the attention at first sight. It is integrated into the high-polished frame using an eight inches wide rim and a high-polished aluminium-made single arm swingarm taken from the MV Agusta Brutale: Lots of smart detail work has been necessary to make the rear wheel running in a nearly centered position.

The special front wheel is shod with a matching 120/70 ZR 17 Metzeler tire. The upsidedown front fork of the Kawasaki is fixed using custom-made WARM UP aluminium-made yokes with custom-made risers for the wider handlebar. To reach a more homogeneous look the front fork’s sliders are covered with chromed WARM UP shrouds.

The standard Z 1000 mask was taken off to reach a genuine naked bike look. An optimal light efficiency is realized by the mounting of two high-polished headlamps fixed one on top of the other. The cool steel look is rounded out with aluminium handles including matching controls. Greatest attention was especially put to a clean design. For it they chose to hide the wiring inside the handlebar. Soft-touch hand switches replace the standard units.

The raised WARM UP seat/tail unit doesn’t only give the streetfighter a more extreme look but also houses the custom-made 4-in-1-in-2-in-1 under seat sport exhaust system which has been welded by hand from stainless steel.

The battery was moved into the WARM UP belly pan to lower the bike’s center of gravity. The WARM UP KONQUISTADOR is alternatively available with conventional seat pad or the acrylic glass seat shown on the attached photos. The tiny digital instrument, which replaces the bulky standard instrument of the Z 1000, is flush mounted into the tank. Maximum individuality is also the thing on the paintjob. The design of every individual KONQUISTADOR is created together with the customer and German paint artist Klaus Beutler. This turns every bike into an distinctive individual item.