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Lambretta Custom Scooters

Scooter Image Description
1981 Lambretta GP200 SIL Model 1981 Lambretta GP200 SIL Model  
Custom Scoot Custom Scooter T5 152 motor, new engine rebuild, seals etc, up-jetted carb, chrome PM up and over, new chrome carb cover, levers, footpegs, twisted s/stand, h/set top, h/light grill, carbon flywheel cowl, chrome brake pedal, new S1’s, new pro met green paint, new rms adj sports shocks, removable graphics, recessed SIP lights, new red/white/green corsa.
1981 Lambretta Chopper Lambretta Chopper  
1976 Lanbretta Chop 1961 Lambretta Chop
  • Ported and tuned
  • GP200 crank
  • 12v ignition
  • Jap and German bearings and seals
  • Uprated clutch
  • 30 mil carb
  • Stainless sports exhaust
1963 Lambretta Li S3 1963 Lambretta Li S3 Registered as a 125cc but has a 175 kit tuned by Obsessions of Birmingham, also fitted with pacemaker gear box.
1978 Lambretta Chopper 1978 Lambretta Chopper Reg as 125 with 200 engine fitted painted in BMW pacific blue with chrome extended forks and dampers, chrome rims, chrome bates headlight, chrome handle bars, sundance grips, mini sports speedo, chrome beedspeed gear change / throttle and levers, 22m jetex carb, polished side casing, stainless steel scootsrs exhaust, leather seat, 12v ignition, electrics under seat and boxed in nicely, all cables and loom though the frame.
1967 Lambretta Li 125 Series 3 Cutdown Lambretta Li 125 Series 3 Cutdown
  • Rapido 225 kit
  • Dellorto carb
  • Taff speed adjustable shock
  • Race seat
  • Custom tank
  • Motorcycle drop handlebars
  • Fresco exhaust, chrome rims
1964 Lambretta TS1 225 Supertune Lambretta TS1 225 Supertune
  • TS1 225 with head spigoted to barrel so no gaskets.
  • Mikuni TMX 35
  • AF Race Crank
  • Varitronic Advance/Retard ignition system with flywheel lightend and strengthend by Charlie Edmonds
  • SX200 Gearbox Running 16x47
  • JL3 Road/Race Exhaust
  • Polished MB link kit on top, Stainless clutch arm, spring, adjusters, trunions and polished aly adjusterblock etc..
  • Highly Tuned by Geoff Stephens and built by Allstyles, this engine has never missed a beat, this setup provides such a usable smooth spread of power, ideal both for long distance rallys or simply blasting round town.
  • Taffspeed uprated fork springs
  • Daytona front dampers
  • Koso Digital revcounter mounted in legshield toolbox
  • Taffspeed rear Gaz Shock
  • Schwalbe Weatherman tyres mounted on stainless rims, providing ultimate grip in all conditions
  • Spanish rear hub
  • Eccentric Engine cones
  • Plenty of chrome by Karl Russell

1980 Lambretta Jet 200 Lambretta Jet 200 Jet 200 frame with a tuned 190 suzuki kit convetion kit. Uprater seals and bearings also opend the ports and polished them in the cranckcase and also in the barel it has af race crank 18 front sproket 47 back sproket an af race chain an sx200 gear box and a uprated cluch it also has an NK exhuast and a delorto 30mm carb and rearsets with rearset back brake
1965 Lambretta 'Skelly' Lambretta 'Skelly'
  • Frame blasted and professionally painted
  • Body modification
  • Stainless fittings all round
  • Petrol tank (one off)
  • Chrome rims
  • Harry Barlow exhaust (original 80's rare)
  • 185 kit (ported and matched exhaust/carb)
  • 28 Mil Delloroto with 80's bellmouth
  • Fywheel altered and re beveled
  • New Crank
  • New seals/bearings all round
  • New clutch plus MB springs
  • Sundance foot pegs (one off)
  • New Snetterton
  • All new cables and wiring through frame!
  • Stainless mudguards front and rear (one offs)
  • All engine work carried out by Chalkie at Replay Scooters
1963 Lambretta Li Cutdown Lambretta Li Cutdown 1963 li 125 frame and (regd as such) with a 205 early indian motor 30 mil dellorto and stainless RS pipe.
1960 Lambrtetta Streetracer Lambrtetta Streetracer Lambretta Series 1 TS1 230cc Custom Streetracer.
1969 Lambretta Choppper 1969 Lambretta Choppper New SR172 Kit Chrome, Folks, Banna Seat , 12 Volt Electronic Ignition , T Bars.
1966 Lambretta Special SX Lambretta Special SX Racing exhaust, 28 mil racing carb.
1969 Lambretta Chopper Lambretta Chopper More Lambretta Chopper info..
1971 Lambretta GP Chop Lambretta GP Chop  
1980 Lambretta GP200 Lambretta GP200  
1966 Lambretta Custom Chopper 1966 Lambretta Custom Chopper Based on a LI 125 1965,with new GP 200 engine.
1975 Lambretta Jet 1975 Lambretta Jet

This custom scooter was been sand blasted to bare metal and professionally sprayed in candy red with the trademark design added by a well established company in Sheffield. The frame is a JET and the engine is an ITALIAN SX 200. 

Custom Lambretta Scooter Custom Lambretta Scooter  
1961 Lambretta LI2 1961 Lambretta LI2

Perfect German restored Lambretta LI150 Serie II with 200ccm engine. Completely and perfect restored,  12V ignition systhem, stainless steel parts. Full hydraulic front disk brake.

1962 Lambretta TS1 AF225 Street Racer 1962 Lambretta TS1 AF225 Street Racer Ford Focus Electric Orange paintwork (stunning and photos available of the restoration)
- Custom modified frame (photos of the work included)
- 'Original' Vega legshields
- Scoot RS dropped GP bars
- Scoot RS front hydraulic disk brake
- Uprated fork springs
- HEL braided hydraulic hose
- SLJ fast action throttle
- Hand made wiring loom
- Cables and loom all run through the frame
- 12V using Ducati parts
- Snetterton seat
- Rear set foot pegs
- Diablo Moto 17L tank
- Yamaha R1 rear shock
- All parts used are absolutely the best money can buy!
- Engine built by Mark Boucher, former owner of Optimum Scooters
- 35mm Mikuni carb
- Hand made exhaust by 'Harry Barlow' (probably one of the best scooter engineers in the UK)
- Uprated chain
- 17*46 sprocket set up
- MB 46 tooth rear sprocket
- 5 plate surflex clutch
- Li150 gearbox
- 58mm AF race crank (webs welded and rebalanced by Harry Barlow)
- AF 225 TS1 barrel and piston
- Transfer ports matched by Harry Barlow
- Italian race bearings
1959 Lambretta Custom Scooter 1959 Lambretta Custom Scooter Engine is a new 200 unit with seals and bearing replaced thoughout with high quality items, race crank fitted with a 28 ml Dellorto and 225 Rapido kit finished off with a one off exhaust system.
Lambretta li 150 chop Lambretta Chopper Harley tank, clip on bars with proper hand gear change, bates headlight, custom leather seat etc etc ....
1962 Lambretta GP150 1962 Lambretta GP150 1962 Italian Lambretta GP150 Full Spiderman 3 Custom Paint job professionally undertaken.
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