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Kawasaki Z1000 Bike ReviewStart at the back. Nice shape to the rear section with it’s sharp angles, tidy no. plate holder, and a standard, colour coded tail tidy/under tray. Nice. The brake works well and the swing arm and chassis look good.

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Editor Contributor's Review

The pillion seat doesn’t look at all comfy, and after being subjected to a very hard seat doesn’t bode well for future models! Maybe they will change something, or they need bedding in but I only managed 40 miles before I had to stop.

The handlebars felt too close and coupling it to the distance between seat and pegs and bars, the whole bike felt too small and cramped. A shorter rider might find it a completely different experience.

The upside down forks, fully adjustable, worked ok on the flat roads but were nervous on the bumpy bits , I left them as they came from the factory as I didn’t have time to set them up. The radial brakes on the front are excellent with 2 fingers and even better if you use all four.

The engine seemed a bit high rev biased to me, I was limited to the revs I could use but this bike will soon have you over the limit. It is light so you will easily loft the front wheel, the road holding is very good for a bike that is only 1445mil long.

Thanks again to Bowen Moto for the use of the bike.

Dave Muckle

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