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 Yamaha XJ600 ReviewThe bike itself is tiny with a seat height of 785mm which should bring it within the inside leg measurements of some of the smaller riders, it is also very light at only 210kg-well it is after you get off a Blackbird!

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Editor Contributor's Review

The seat-footrest-handlebar settings bring everything within the reach of most people and the clear clocks give you all the info you need on a bike of this size, although there is no fuel gauge. It’s a pet hate of mine in that I think all bikes should have one as they never give you mpg figures, one ride to empty on motorways will have different figures to A road riding?

The engine, a liquid-cooled, 4-stroke, forward-inclined parallel 4-cylinder, 4-valves, DOHC unit is a little pearler with controllable power low down which is ideal for the ‘new’ rider, but it will also get a shift on if you turn the throttle a bit quicker and further, so even experienced riders can have fun on it. It does top the ton easily but it’s revving a bit! It makes 78bhp @ 10,000 rpm so the power is there to use.

The steering and controls are all up to the job of making your trip as effortless as possible, the controls are light operating and the steering is very neutral. The forks are non adjustable but are not too soft, the rear mono shock has some adjustment but I imagine most riders will not touch the standard settings.

The brakes are very good, even hauling up 18 stone at speed they didn’t complain too much, I had the ABS version which worked ok when used in anger. The rear gives you a certain amount of feel as long as you’re not too heavy footed where you leave a line of rubber behind.

The styling is very good bringing it in line, and up to date with the majority of the other bikes in this group like Honda’s hornet. I had a weekend riding it around which I mainly spent on A & B roads as there is no wind protection as such, though the headlight surround gave you some.

It is a lot of fun to ride once you get used to the screaming engine and to get the most from it you need to keep above mid revs, find some nice twisty roads and sweeping corners and you’ll be impressed what this little bike can do.

The Diversion version comes with a half fairing which will keep the worst of any weather off, and will make those longer trips/commutes that bit more relaxing.

As a point of interest it has the smallest end can I have ever seen on a bike, some of the Marshall units are small but this one is tiny. As a result you have a nice tidy bike.

There’s nothing on the bike I would moan about, it is built as a cheap introduction to new riders and it is excellent value @ £4,999 otr add £350 for the ABS. I’d have a yellow one if I was buying.

Thanks to Yamaha UK for the loan of the bike.

Dave Muckle

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