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Honda CB700 SC Nighthawk Gallery

The 700cc displacement of this bike was a product of Harley-Davidson's success... at lobbying for protectionist trade legislation. The American manufacturer convinced the U.S. government to place a heavy tariff on all imported motorcycles over 700cc displacement, squarely targeted at the booming 750cc segment. Most of the Japanese bikes made in response to the tariff were simply sleeved-down versions of 750cc bikes. Not so the CB700SC.

The bike was all-new and featured many touches that were later dropped from the Nighthawk line, including shaft drive, self-adjusting hydraulic valves, dual disk brakes in front, a six-speed transmission with digital gear indicator, and adjustable handlebars. The motor was high-revving and relatively powerful, though the 1984 models did sometimes leak a bit of oil at high revs, onto the exhaust and rear tyre.

The 16" front wheel and lazy rake (30 degrees) combined with the not-so-stiff forks made low-speed handling a little disconcerting. On the road at speed, it handled quite well. The CB700SC had classic '80s street rod looks, especially the 1986 red/white/blue scheme.

Bike Image Description
1984 Honda CB 700SC Nighthawk Honda CB 700SC Nighthawk
  • Air cooled, four stroke, transverse four cylinder, DOHC
  • 80nhp @ 10,000rpm
  • 6 speed
  • Disc front brake, drum rear
  • 236kg
  • 146mph
  • 49mpg
1986 Honda CB700 Nighthawk 1986 Honda CB700 Nighthawk
1986 Honda CB700SC Nighthawk Honda CB700SC Nighthawk

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