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1954 Vincent 500cc Series C Comet

Vincent Comet

The 1954 Series C Comet can almost be said to represent the ultimate stage in the development of the production 500cc model. Its successor, the series D was certainly designed, but the decision to cease motorcycle profduction in 1955 meant that officially, only one D Comet was built although a few more were built up from spares during 1956. The Comet made its post-war reappearance in 1948 and many of the components were common to the Rapide. The frame and forks were near enough identical and the engine being virtually half a Rapide, also iused a high prooprtion of common parts.

  • Engine - 84 x 90mm, 499cc single-cylinder camshaft ohv engine. Light alloy barrel with shrunk in cast iron liner. Light alloy cylinder head with integral rocker housings
  • Weight - 413 lbs
  • Price new - 258.0.0