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News started to filter through to the press during 1964 that Honda were developing a machine to challenge the supremacy of the various British twins. As details emerged it became apparent that Honda were applying many of the lessons learnt on the track to the new machine which featured twin overhead cams and torsion bar valve springs. Once the press were able to test the new machine they found that it was indeed quick, with a 100mph plus performance, equipped to a high standard and well braked although the handling left a little to be desired and revs were required to obtain the performance.

Bike Image Description
Honda CB450
Honda CB450 This example of the CB450 twin cylinder has been converted for use in classic racing events. It is consequently equipped with a red alloy racing fuel tank and single seat, full race faring, rear-sets, clip-ons, a single disc front brake and drum rear, both laced to alloy rims. A PVL ignition system is fitted to the machine which is in reasonable cosmetic condition.
Honda CB450 'Black Bomber' Honda CB450 'Black Bomber
  • Engine - air cooled 444cc DOHC vertical twin
  • Horsepower - 43-45bhp @ 9000rpm
  • Top Speed - 104mph
  • Brakes - drum/drum
  • Frame - tubular steel single cradle
  • Transmission - 4 speed (later 5 speed)
  • Picture kindly provided by

    1965 Honda CB450 Black Bomber 1965 Honda CB450 Black Bomber 1965 CB450KO or Black Bomber. They were made from 1965-68 with a rel. date of 08-01-65. they came with a 444cc DOHC Parallel Twin; with Dual CV Carburetors.
    1966 Honda CB450 Police Special 1966 Honda CB450 Police Special Honda imported a mere 25 CB450 Police Specials to the United States in 1966 in an effort to crack into the law-enforcement market.

    Based on Honda's "Black Bomber" CB450, introduced in 1965, the Police Special was entirely normal in its engine and running gear. But it incorporated some nifty anti-crime devices.

    1966 Honda CB 450K Black Bomber
    1966 Honda CB 450K Black Bomber Before Honda's CB450 arrived on the scene in 1965, many manufacturers outside Japan dismissed Japanese motorcycles as dependable, economical little motorbikes — nothing more. They were not in the same league as the booming singles and twins that occupied motorcycling's performance ranks. After all, a real motorcycle should displace around 500cc, said the pundits, and the Japanese weren't likely to build anything like that.
    1966 Honda CB450 Black Bomber
    CB450 Black Bomber Image provided by
    1967 Honda CB450 1967 Honda CB450

    K0 Black Bomber

    Image provided by

    1968 Honda CB 450K1 1968 Honda CB 450K1  
    1970 Honda CB 450K3 1970 Honda CB 450K3  
    1972 Honda CB450 1972 Honda CB 450 US import.
    1972 Honda CB 450 1972 Honda CB450 1969 Honda CB450 Road Test
    1972 Honda CB 450 K5 Honda CB 450 Picture provided by Cuyahoga Cycle works, Cleveland Ohio
    1972 Honda CB450 K5 CB450 K5 American import. Originally imported in 1994 by DK Motorcycles.
    1974 Honda CB450 K7 1974 Honda CB450 K7  
    1982 Honda CB 450SC Nighthawk 1982 Honda CB 450SC Nighthawk  
    1982 Honda CB 450T 1982 Honda CB 450T  
    1987 Honda CB 450S 1987 Honda CB 450S
    • Air cooled, parallel twin cylinder, four stroke, SOHC, 3 valves per cylinder, 360° crankshaft and twin balance-shafts
    • 169kg
    • 6 speed
    • 45bhp @ 9000rpm

    The CB450S is a South American build model based on the long lived six-valve 400-twin, and is for the European market, primary sold in Germany. The primary feature is the videly slung frame-pipes, incorporating the engine as stressed element. The diverting design of the frame wasn't attempted to be hidden, hence eye-catching diverting colours were used for the paint.

    1989 Honda CB450DX-K Honda CB450DX-K Last of the Superdreams.
    Honda CB 450 Classic Racer Honda CB 450 Classic Racer

    Hansen spec frame, powdercoated. Braced swingarm. Taper head stock bearings, new swing arm bearings, Hagon rear shocks. Lightened yokes, 35mm forks running GT750 Internals, heavier fork oil to suit. Fully rebuilt new seals etc. Manx Alloy tank, New 500 honda fairing and seat, TZ 350 mudgaurd. New clips on's, Renthal soft grips. New cables etc. High Screen. New Fastners through out.

    Akront rims, Stainless spokes, Dunlop Kr tyres. GT750 disc, lightened drilled and trued. AP caliper, Braided line, FA16s pads, lightened rear brake running racing lining's. Aintree gearing (new DID chain and sproket's).

    Fully rebuilt engine, New bearings seals etc. Bored to 500cc, 12 : 1 compression, Wiseco pistons, Flowed head, One peice valves, Re-profiled cams, New Camchain. Modified cam oil feed. New Torsion bars, 5 speed box, New clutch plates. 34mm Mikuni's bored to 37mm and jetted to suit. Gibson exhausts, Modified c/w Paton style silencers. Running Castrol R40. Built for the manx for reliability.

    Built By Andrew Heckle & Alex Graham.

    1989 Honda CB450DX-K Honda CB450DX-K  
    1992 Honda CB 450DX 1992 Honda CB 450DX
    • Air cooled, parallel twin cylinder, four stroke, SOHC, 3 valves per cylinder
    • 181kg
    • 6 speed
    • 43bhp @ 6500rpm

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