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Coventry Eagle Classic Bikes

Over the years no fewer than seven manufacturers have used the prefix 'Coventry', but Coventry Eagle proved far and away the most successful of all. They achieved this by making their own superb frames and using excellent engines in them.

Bike Image Description
1922 Coventry Eagle 1922 Coventry Eagle 293cc, four stroke. 2/34 hp.
1931 Coventry Eagle 1931 Coventry Eagle  
1932 Coventry Eagle Silent Superb Coventry Eagle Silent Superb 175cc Villiers engine, 1 bhp.
1933 Coventry Eagle 250cc 1933 Coventry Eagle

Fitted with a 250cc twin port villiers engine, back in 1933 the bike cost £36.00 new. She still has her brass headlight & tail lights and brass horn.

It was bought 2nd Aug 1933 by Willey Bros of Bradford a Mr Jack Holbrook of Willey Bros frist registered on 3rd Aug 1933.

1935 Coventry Eagle
1935 Coventry Eagle This example of the pressed steel framed Coventry Eagle, is hand finished with black paintwork. It is powered by Villiers twin port engine with drive being taken via Albion gearbox and equipped with a full lighting kit and dynamo.
1936 Coventry Eagle
Coventry Eagle

A mid 1930's Coventry Eagle with a pressed steel frame, finished with a "hammerite" type paint applied to the frame, fuel tank, forks etc. This model was equipped with a twin port Villiers engine, Albion hand change gearbox. A full lighting kit and pillion seat are fitted to this apparently complete example of Coventry Eagle's "depression special".

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