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Garelli Classic Motorcycles

Garelli Motorcycles is an Italian moped, and motorcycle manufacturer. It was founded in 1919 by Alberto Garelli.

In 1919, Garelli constructed a 350cc motorcycle which set a long distance record from Milan to Naples. Rider Ettore Girardi covered the 840 kilometers with an average of 38.29 km/h. Many famous Italian racers such as Ernesto Gnesa, Tazio Nuvolari and Achille Varzi began their racing careers on Garelli bikes. The company also produced motorcycles for the Italian military. After World War II, Garelli concentrated on producing smaller bikes and mopeds for the European market.

In the early 1980s, Garelli dominated the 125 class in Grand Prix motorcycle racing winning six consecutive world championships between 1982 and 1987.

Today Garelli is now part of the Berlusconi Group, one of the largest companies in Italy, the company is currently undergoing a massive investment programme to bring it back to the position it used to occupy in the market in the 80’s the next few years will see many new models , Garelli’s back on the track and a return to it’s racing heritage.

Bike Image Description
1960 Garelli Capri 80 1960 Garelli Capri 80
1963 Garelli Mosquito 70 1963 Garelli Mosquito 70
1964 Garelli K 100 Cross 1964 Garelli K 100 Cross
1964 Garelli Junior Turismo 1964 Garelli Junior Turismo
1966 Garelli Velomosquito 1966 Garelli Velomosquito
1967 Garelli Rex Agrati Garelli Rex Agrati 1967 Garelli Rex KL100A Touring motorcycle as delivered from the factory with one mile on the odometer! This 100cc, 2-stroke, 4-speed bike is on a clear 1970 Wisconsin title. It has never been run or even had gas in the tank.
1967/8 Garelli KL100 Garelli KL100 Air-cooled, 4 speed.
1969 Garelli Monza 50 1969 Garelli Monza 50
1972 Garelli Tiger MkI, 49cc 1972 Garelli Tiger MkI, 49cc
1972 Garelli Tiger Garelli Tiger
1975 Garelli 50cc Moped 1975 Garelli 50cc Moped
1975 Garelli Tiger Cross Garelli Tiger Cross 49cc, 7 bhp.
1975 Garelli Tiger Rekord Garelli Tiger Rekord 49cc. Garelli sports moped from 1976. This bike was imported from Germany.
1975 Garelli Rekord Garelli  Rekord
1978 Garelli KL100 E 1978 Garelli KL100
1984 Garelli KL50 Tiger Garelli KL50 Tiger
1986 Garelli GTA 125 1986 Garelli GTA 125

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