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Honda CBX1000Z

Honda CBX1000Z

Honda's six-cylinder beast sent the Japanese firm roaring into the 80s. Honda's never been shy when it comes to showing off its technological prowess. The NR750, CX500 Turbo, Rune and more pay testament to that. But one of its first, biggest and, arguably best moments was the launch of the CBX1000Z six cylinder in 1978.

All Honda's mechanical know-how went into the engine to make the 24-valve, dohc behemoth a super smooth, torque-laden beast.

It's a shame more technical authority wasn't stamped into the rolling chassis; the lack of braking power didn't mix with a bike that weighed in at 272.1kg fully gassed. As a result, any sporting pretensions didn't last long and soon enough the fully faired CBX1000B/C tourer rolled up complete with motoshock rear suspension and decent brakes to match the performance.

In terms of desirability the first CBX1000Z is the one to go for, preferably in vibrant red rather than the dowdier silver option.


  • Engine - Air/oil-cooled inline six, 1047cc
  • Power - 105bhp @ 9000rpm
  • Top Speed - 130mph