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With hindsight it seems surprising that the G50 did not come into being before 1958. Although clearly derived from the AJS 7R, AMC were committed to the development of the G45 twin and did not wish to divert their attention from that project. As a result it was not until 1958 that a 500cc motorcycle derived from the 7R appeared largely as result of the 7R's proponent at boardroom level, Jock West. The new machine shared the 7R's 78mm bore with a stroke of 90mm giving a capacity of 496cc. The prototype engine underwent a period of intensive development throughout 1958 to prepare it for production commencing in 1959.

When the new model was released the engine, although visually the same as the 7R had its own dedicated castings. A power output of 51bhp at 7200rpm was claimed for the new model.
The cycle parts followed the same pattern as those used by the contemporary 7R with only the difference in colour and badge to distinguish between them, a fact that has led to numerous arguments between enthusiasts ever since as to which is the most attractive, the 7R or G50! In more recent years new machines built to compete in classic events.

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Matchless G50
Matchless G50

This example of a lightweight G50 was built by George Beale using a standard chassis and 90mm bore engine. The engine breathes through an Amal Mk 2 smoothbore Concentric carburettor with the power being transmitted to the six speed, magnesium cased gearbox by a belt primary drive. The Ceriani front forks are equipped with a Fontana front brake, the rear brake being a standard G50 unit. The machine was campaigned by Belgium's top classic racer Herman Verboven in INCA and Classic World Championship races.

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Matchless G50 CSR Matchless G50 CSR Only 25 were ever made for homologation in AMA class C racing in the US.
1962 Matchless G50 1962 Matchless G50  
1962 Matchless G 50 1962 Matchless G 50 Matchless G 50 1962 original for sale. Excellent running condition. Carburettor Dell'orto with separate float chamber, Ceriani GP forks, Oldani 240 m/m front brake. Ex Count Pückler.
1968 Matchless Metisse G50 1968 Matchless Metisse G50
1991 Seeley Matchless G50 Replica 1991 Seeley Matchless G50 Replica 1968 Seeley G 50 replica built in 1991, Engine 500 cc single built by Ruther, Colin Seeley replica frame built by Titchmark.
Matchless Seeley G50 Mark2 Matchless Seeley G50 500cc Classic Racer.
1998 Matchless G50 Beale Replica Matchless G50 Beale Replica


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