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Matchless G80 Gallery

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Matchless G80CS Matchless G80CS
1950 Matchless G80 1950 Matchless G80  
1951 Matchless G80S 500cc MATCHLESS G80S 500cc 1951
1952 Matchless G80/S Matchless G80S
1953 Matchless G80S 1955 Matchless G80S 500 Single
1955 Matchless G80S 500 Single 1955 Matchless G80S 500 Single
1958 Matchless G80
Matchless G80

The Matchless G80 dispensed with the famous AMC Jampot rear suspension units adopting Girling units in their place for the 1957 season and in 1958 the magneto and dynamo were replaced by an AC generator and coil ignition system. These two modifications significantly altered the models appearance establishing the style with which it would see out the decade.

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1961 Matchless Typhoon G80 TCS 1961 Matchless Typhoon G80 TCS
1961 Matchless Typhoon G80TCS 1961 Matchless Typhoon G80TCS Correct scrambles model 600cc Typhoon. Matchless AJS Motor # 61/G80TCS in the correct double loop frame # C9136.  "C" being competition model. Short drive side shaft with no alternator provision
1968 Matchless G80CS
1968 Matchless

By the mid sixties the Matchless G80CS scrambler was coming to the end of its illustrious career as a scrambler, lightweight (comparatively) unit construction machines from BSA, Rickman Metisse scramblers, often powered by Matchless engines and AMC's own G85CS were all far easier machines to handle. However, it retained a loyal following in the United States where the stability afforded by the comparatively heavy frame at high speed was perceived as offering an advantage to desert racers.

In its US guise, the model was offered with a full lighting kit and battery, a dual seat and high level, silenced exhaust system, all of which added to the weight which was only partially offset by the all alloy, virtually square 86 x 85.5mm engine, alloy mudguards and fuel tank. The result was and remains, arguably one of the most handsome motorcycles ever produced.

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