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MZ Classic Motorcycles

Germany (Motorrad-und Zweiradwerk) Was started in 1956 when the Soviets dismantled DKW. In 1992, after reunification, private investors restarted the MZ production. Hong Leong, a company from Malaysia, bought MZ in 1996. MZ motorcycle history.

Bike Image Description
1956 MZ RE 125 1956 MZ RE 125
1956 MZ RE 125 1956 MZ RE 125
1959 MZ RT125 1956 MZ RE 125
1965 MZ ES175/1 MZ ES175/1 This vehicle was in service with the Deutsche Reichsbahn (East German Railway) from its first registration in Sept 1965, until it was retired from service and sold to a private individual in Jan 1987.
1967 MZ ES 175/1 1959 MZ
1970 MZ ETS 250 1970 MZ ETS 250
1971 MZ ES250 1971 MZ ES250
1973 MZ ES150 1973 MZ ES150
1973 MZ ES 250/2 Trophy and Sidecar 1973 MZ ES 250/2 Trophy and Sidecar
1973 MZ 250 Trophy MZ Trophy
1974 MZ TS250 1974 MZ TS250
1974 MZ ES 125/1 GST 1974 MZ ES 125/1
1976 MZ TS 250/A 1976 MZ TS 250/A
MZ TS150 143cc 1977
MZ TS150 143cc 1977
1977 MZ TS150
MZ TS150

MZ motorcycles were built at the former DKW factory at Zchopau in East Germany, utilising an engine that was clearly derived from the RT series DKW engine that also provided the basis for the Bantam and a range of post war Harley Davidson lightweights. This example of the 143cc TS150 is in complete, original condition.

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1978 MZ TS250 MZ TS 250
1979 MZ TS 250/1 1979 MZ TS 250/1
1979 MZ 250/1 Supa 5 1979 MZ TS 250/1 243cc
1979 MZ TS250 MZ TS250
1979 MZ TS 250/1 1979 MZ TS 250/1
1980 MZ TS Sports MZ TS Sports 150cc.
1983 MZ TS125
MZ TS125

The East German MZ company were at the forefront of two stroke development during the fifties and sixties, meeting with considerable success in both road racing and ISDT events. Their road bikes, although offered at an advantageous price in western markets inherited the robustness of the ISDT bikes and gained a loyal following.

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1985 MZ ETZ250 A 1985 MZ ETZ250 A

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