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Peugeot Classic Motorcycles


    In the middle of the twenties Peugeot marketed its first four stroke unit construction engine, a 350 cc model. A strong selling point for many prospective customers; no messy exposed primary drive to a separate gearbox but engine and gears in one neat, clean housing. In a few years time this concept became very popular, and around 1930 there was a choice between 174 cc ( P 109), 215 cc ( 110), 248 cc ( P108) 327 cc (P111) and 346 cc ( P105 andP 107) models. The logic of the system is not very transparent, is it? All machines had side valves, apart from the most sporty model, the OHV P 105.

    Peugeot was able to expand its market share considerably : in 1927 9947 machines were produced and by 1930 this had grown to 18,602 units, a progression of 85% in just four years.

    Bike Image Description
    1900 Peugeot Tricycle, 239cc 1932 Peugeot p111, 327cc This unrestored example has a DDB engine and is equipped with a two speed gear.
    1905 Peugeot Onbekend, 330cc 1905 Peugeot Onbekend, 330cc
    1907 Peugeot Light Motorcycle, 220cc 1907 Peugeot Light Motorcycle, 220cc
    1913 Peugeot Paris Nice 1913 Peugeot Paris Nice 350cc, V-twin.
    1913 Peugeot 350cc V-Twin 1913 Peugeot 350cc V-Twin
    1927 Peugeot P102B 1907 Peugeot Light Motorcycle, 220cc 169,6cc,60x60, Magnto MEA B1,Speed 55Km/h,55 KG
    1931 Peugeot P111 1931 Peugeot P111
    1930 Peugeot P108, 250cc 1930 Peugeot P108, 250cc
    1932 Peugeot P111, 327cc 1932 Peugeot p111, 327cc The P111 was introduced in the autumn of 1930 and it stayed in the catalogue for three years. This light and agile machine is equipped with full electric lighting and pressed steel front forks. It has been finely restored.
    1933 Peugeot BMA Model P51 Peugeot BMA Model P51

    The P51 is a 2-speed pedal start. In the early thirties, the French government made special concessions for tax, registration and licenses for pedal-start motorcycles of 100cc and under to help their motorcycle industry in the difficult years after the Great Depression. They were known as BMA's - 'Bicyclette Moteur Auxiliaire.'

    In Britain, the equivalent was the 'autocycle' (usually 98cc Villiers powered), while in Germany similar lightweights used 98cc Fichtel & Sachs engines.

    Interestingly, the later 1930's Peugeot BMA's had 'pretend' pedals: the P53 had a kickstart, but also fixed footrests that looked like pedals so riders could try to get away with the licensing concessions.

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    1939 Peugeot P53 1939 Peugeot P53

    100cc with 3-speed hand-change gearbox.

    In order to encourage people to buy motorcycles in the thirties, the French government allowed pedal-assisted motorcycles under 50cc to be exempt from registration and the need for a driving license.

    Peugeot made this 100cc model with fixed foot-pegs that look like pedals so that people could break the law and ride it without a license or reg!

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    1947 Peugeot P55C 1947 Peugeot P55C

    125cc 3-Speed.

    The 1950s Peugeot 125cc could be considered the equivalent of the British BSA Bantam: they are still fairly common, being popular, reliable and practical machines that were market leaders in their day. However, like the first D1 Bantams, the first models of postwar Peugeot P55 are now scarce and highly valued.

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    1949 VAP3 on Peugeot Gents 26" Cycle Peugeot Gents Cycle

    This early VAP engine was one of the first 'moteur auxiliare' models in production in postwar France, and was one of the most popular. Note that, unlike the VAP4, the VAP3 is not chain driven, and it has a magneto not a flywheel. Although there is no clutch on this model, there is a lever to pull the engine up, and this works as well as a clutch.

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    1951 Peugeot P55GL, 125cc 1951 Peugeot P55GL, 125cc
    1951 Peugeot P56, 125cc 1951 Peugeot P56, 125cc
    1953 Peugeot TN55 Triporteur 1953 Peugeot TN55 Triporteur 1953 Commercial Delivery Trike. Picture courtesey of
    1955 Peugeot 176 AS 1955 Peugeot 176 AS  
    Mid 1950s Peugeot P55 Peugeot P55 125cc
    1955 Peugeot 1955 Peugeot  
    1956 Peugeot 57 TSL Peugeot 57 TSL  
    1957 Peugeot 125 1957 Peugeot 125  
    1960 Peugeot BBV 1960 Peugeot BBV  
    1966 50cc Peugeot Moped Peugeot Moped Image kindly provided by
    1966 Peugeot 104 1966 Peugeot 104 50cc.
    1972 Peugeot 103-D 1972 Peugeot 103-D 48cc, 53Kw.
    1977 Peugeot 104 1977 Peugeot 104 49cc.
    1979 Peugeot 103 Peugeot 103  

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