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Simplex Classic Motorcycles

The Dutch Simplex was made betwween 1902 and 1968. Early machines were fitted with Fafnir, MAG and Minerva engines, Motosacoche in the early twenties, and from the mid 1920s utilised both Blackburne and Bradshaw power units. In the late 1930s they also used Villiers (including a watercooled version) and Sachs two strokes. English Simplex machines were 105cc two strokes for use on bicycles, and were made from 1919 to 1922.

Italian Simplex motorcycles were built by Luigi Pellini between 1921 an 1950 using his own OHV engines of 149cc, 174cc, 210cc and 496cc, and after the war similar machines with 148cc and 248cc engines. There was also an American Simplex made from the late 1930s to the late 1960s, powered by small industrial engines including Clinton.

Bike Image Description
1921 Simplex 1921 Simplex MAG engine
1922 Simplex 1922 Simplex vee-twin.
1927 Simplex Blackburne 500cc Simplex Blackburne
1931 Simplex 1931 Simplex 75cc Sachs engine
1932 Simplex Amsterdam 1932 Simplex Amsterdam
1946 Simplex Model H 1946 Simplex Model H
1954 Simplex Servi-Cycle 1954 Simplex Servi-Cycle
1956 Simplex 1956 Simplex 125cc automatic

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