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Velocette Classic Motorcycles

Like so many manufacturers, Velocette depended on sporting success. They broke records at Brooklands and won two TT races as well as developing features like spring frames and foot changes. The last racing motorcycles appeared in the early 1950s when the most popular Velocettes were small motorcycles with very quiet shaft drives, popular with police forces.

The 1939 Velocette Works Special 495cc overhead camshaft racing motorcycle was one of a small number of experimental motorcycle built to challenge Norton supremacy in 500cc class international road racing. The Goodman family, who built Velocettes in Birmingham, had long been supreme in the 350cc class, but when they began to manufacture road machines of 500cc they felt they should challenge Norton, their local rivals. With basically their latest Junior machine, its engine straetched to 495cc by increasing the bore to 81mm from 74mm and lengthening the stroke to 96mm from 81mm, legendary rider Stanley Woods came within 15 sedonds of the winning Norton in the 1937 and 1938 Isle of Man ASenior TT races. Velocette motorcycle history | Velocette History - Year by Year.

Bike Image Description
1922 Velocette S2/3 ts Velocette S2/3 ts
1924 Velocette A ds Velocette A ds
1924 Velocette TS Velocette TS
1924 Velocette DS Velocette DS
1925 Velocette Model K ds Prototype Velocette Model K Prototype
1926 Velocette KSS ds Velocette KSS ds Prepared for racing by the works.
1927 Velocette KS ds Velocette KS ds
1928 Velocette U ts Velocette U ts
1929 Velocette USS DS Velocette USS DS
1929 Velocette GTP ds Velocette GTP ds
1930 Velocette 350cc Model KTT 1930 Velocette 350cc Model KTT Production Racer
1931 Velocette KTP 1931 Velocette KTP 348cc.
1932 Velocette KTT MkII ts Velocette KTT MkII ts  
1932 Velocette KSS
Velocette KSS

Velocette ended the 1920's with a bewildering range of over head cam models which was at odds with the deteriorating market conditions prompting a period of rationalisation at the beginning of the thirties. For the 1932 model season Velocette offered three overhead cam singles and the two stroke GTP. The touring market was catered for by the newly introduced KTS, which was essentially a KSS with touring mudguards and tyres, the KTT, now in its Mk III form provided racers with a competitive machine and the KSS satisfied the needs of the sporting road rider. Late 1932 witnessed the introduction of a four speed, foot operated gearbox, the positive stop mechanism being mounted on the top of the gearbox end cover.

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1933 Velocette KSS, 350cc 1933 Velocette KSS, 350cc The model KSS ( K for overhead camshaft, SS for super sports) first appeared in 1925. It had a power output of about 19 HP at 5,800 rpm. From the KSS the successful KTT was developed, this was the first over-the-counter production racer to become available to the general public. In 1933 the KSS got a four speed gearbox and in 1935 the KSS was completely redesigned; the production of this Mark II was continued until 1948. The KSS remains one of the most sought-after models by collectors who appreciate a really good British motorcycle with an impeccable pedigree.
1934 Velocette MOV ds Velocette MOV ds
1934 Velocette KTS MkI Velocette KTS MkI Billy Tiffin from Carlisle on ISDT machine
1934 Velocette GTP, 249cc 1934 Velocette GTP, 249cc
1935 Velocette GTP 1935 Velocette GTP 250cc.
1935 Velocette MSS ts Velocette MSS ts More Velocette MSS information..
1936 Velocette KSS MkII ts Velocette KSS MkII ts  
1936 Velocette KTS MkII ts Velocette KTS MkII ts
1936 Velocette KTS MkII ds Velocette KTS MkII ds
1937 Velocette 350 KSS Velocette 350 KSS
1938 Velocette GTP Velocette GTP 250cc
1938 Velocette GTP 1938 Velocette GTP  
1939 Velocette KTT MkVIII ts Velocette KTT MkVIII ts More Velocette KTT information.
1947 Velocette KSS, 350cc 1947 Velocette KSS, 350cc
1948 Velocette MAC 1948 Velocette MAC Special

Special rigid.

Velocette MAC Gallery

1948 Velocette 250 MOV 1948 Velocette 250 MOV
Velocette LE Velocette LE
  • Production - 1948-1968
  • Engine - 192cc, horizontally-opposed side-valve four-stroke twin
  • Top Speed - 52mph
  • Horsepower - 8bhp @ 5000rpm
  • Bore and Stroke - 50 x 49mm
  • Picture kindly provided by

    Velocette LE Gallery

    Works dohc 350 racer 1949-52 Works dohc 350 racer  
    1954 Velocette MSS Prototype Velocette MSS Prototype Note oil drain pipes from rocker box.
    1954 Velocette Mac 350cc VELOCETTE MAC 350cc 1954
    1954 Velocette MAC 1954 Velocette MAC MAC350
    1955 Velocette MAC 1955 Velocette MAC non-standard.
    1955 Velocette MSS TS Velocette MSS
    1955 Velocette MSS DS Velocette MSS DS
    Velocette Venom Thruxton Velocette Venom Thruxton
  • Engine - 499cc, air-cooled, OHV single
  • Top Speed - 120mph (in race trim)
  • Horsepower - 41bhp @ 6500rpm
  • Transmission - 4-speed
  • Frame - twin loop with single front downtube
  • Brakes - 2LS drum/drum
  • Velocette Venom gallery

    1957 Velocette Valiant ds Velocette Valiant
    1957 Velocette MSS 500cc VELOCETTE MSS 500cc 1957
    1958 Velocette Venom Clubman
    1958 Velocette Venom Clubman
    1958 Velocette Valiant Velocette Valiant 200cc.
    1959 Velocette Valiant, 200cc 1959 Velocette Valiant, 200cc
    1959 Velocette Viper Velocette Viper 1959  
    1959 Velocette Viper 1959 Velocette Viper 350cc. Always renowned for producing well made mid capacity machines Velo's Viper was no exception and was one of the most popular 350 c.c. machines offered in the 1960's. They offered a little more quality than the competition and were capable of speeds in excess of 80 mph.
    1959 Velocette 500 (Norvel) VELOCETTE (NORVEL) 1959
    1960 Velocette Valiant Velocette Valiant 192cc.
    1960 Velocette MSS ds Velocette MSS ds US spec, outside Lou Branch's shop in LA
    1960 Velocette Viper Velocette Viper
    1960 Velocette Viper 1960 Velocette Viper
    1961 Velocette Voletta, 192cc 1961 Velocette Voletta, 192cc
    1962 Velocette Viper Clubman 1962 Velocette Viper Clubman 350cc.
    1969 Velocette Viper 350cc Genuine Clubman
    Velocette Viper Manufactured November 1961, incl. rev counter, rear sets, Clubman tank, TLS, vent FB.
    1965 Velocette Thruxton 3qts Velocette Thruxton 3qts

    With Avon fairing.

    Velocette Thruxton gallery

    1965 Velocette MSS Velocette MSS  
    1968 Velocette 500cc single 1968 Velocette 500cc single
    Velocette Endurance 500cc Velocette Endurance 500cc

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