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Velocette Thruxton Gallery

The Thruxton Velocette was the final development of Velocette's pushrod single - a machine that in essence dated back to the mid 1930s, but could top 110mph and still sip fuel at an astonishingly low rate through its massive racing carburettor.

Thruxton is a race track in Hampshire - one of the many wartime airfields that found a new use during the 1950s. Racing centred on the endurance marathon for production machines, the 500-miler. The bikes were substantially catalogue models and the entries were shared between two riders. Over the years many British stars shone in the event, including Dave Croxford and Percy Tait. Machines included the racing Triumph Bonneville, the John Player Norton Commando - and the Velocette. More Velocette Thruxton information..

Bike Image Description
1960 Velocette Thruxton Clubman 1960 Velocette Thruxton Clubman  
1965 Velocette Thruxton 3qts Velocette Thruxton 3qts With Avon fairing.
1965 Velocette Thruxton 1965 Velocette Thruxton First supplied leaving the Velocette factory 24/09/1965 to a West Coast LA American dealer who was probably the largest Velocette dealer in the US, called MC Supply. This bike is believed to have been the property of the president of the Velocette owners club in America.
1965 Velocette Thruxton Velocette Thruxton 1965  
1966 Velocette Thruxton
1966 Velocette Thruxton

Announced in 1964, the Thruxton benefited from the Velocette company's experience in production racing with the Venom. Aimed at the production racer or the rider looking for the ultimate sporting single it utilised many of the parts that had previously been offered as options for the Venom. A big valve head was combined with an Amal GP carburettor which necessitated the distinctive cutaway in the rear, right hand corner of the fuel tank. A new oil tank incorporating a heat shield was fitted and gaitered front forks housed a twin leading shoe front brake. Alloy wheel rims, clip-on handle bars, rear-sets, a humped saddle and a paired speedometer and tachometer completed the specification.

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1967 Velocette Thruxton 1967 Velocette Thruxton 500cc. This is number 430 - one of about 1,050 made by a family owned English engineering company - Veloce Ltd., the manufacturer of quality motorcycles from 1905 to 1971 and winner of many world GP's from1920's to early 1950's.  Their last Isle of Man TT win was in 1967 - a Thruxton in the 500cc Production Class. The Thruxton was deliberatly designed as a cafe racer as the competition version of the 500cc Venom.  It is said that the cylinder head itself was desinged by Lou Branch - the L.A. dealer and winner of many competitions in California.  Thruxtons are rated at 41 H.P..
1970 Velocette Thruxon Velocette Thruxton Thruxtons were built between 1965-1971 (1000) so this is a late one.
1970 Velocette Thruxon 1970 Velocette Thruxton  

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