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Top 3 Heated Motorcycle Gloves For Every Budget

If you are a passionate rider, you probably know the importance of keeping your hands warm during a ride. Even when the weather is mild, the wind breeze from the high riding speeds can give you a winter feel that freezes your hands. With frozen hands, your bike ride will not only be less exciting but can also affect your health if you get exposed to the cold for too long. This creates the need for a good pair of heated gloves. The demand for heated glove option has tremendously increased over the past years. These gloves used to be bulky and somehow unreliable. However, with the modern materials and technological advancements, they are now manufactured to give a feel similar to that of a standard motorcycle glove. They, however, boast of an added advantage that keeps your hands warm. Whenever you decide to search for heated motorcycle gloves in a relevant shop or store, you get a plethora of options making it hard for you to choose the best. However, this guide provided information on reviews of the top 3 heated motorcycle gloves under every budget to help you make the right purchase decision. Different buyers have varying budgetary needs when it comes to buying heated motorcycle gloves. Below is a look at our top 3 options under every budget category.

Budget Heated Motorcycle Gloves

Getting cheaper heated gloves does not mean they will be less efficient. They will still manage to keep you warm during your rides but at a reduced cost. Some of the best gloves to get when you have a low budget include:

Macna Unite WP Gloves

If you are looking for a combination of value, quality and comfort in your gloves, you should consider this pair from Macna. These heated gloves are made of black leather and quality chamois leather palms. They feature a more abrasion-resistant outer shell with soft interiors, making it easy to put them on and take them off. These gloves also boast of 4 efficient heat controls that allow you to adjust the heat as per your needs. You can power these gloves through rechargeable batteries or by connecting them to a motorbike battery through a connector cable for long journeys. They also have a battery indicator, which will alert you when your charge is running out or when the battery is full. Additionally, these heated gloves have adjustable straps to offer a perfect fit and a touchscreen-enabled tip finger with an ergothumb for additional comfort. They are more ideal for scooter riders and delivery heroes. Pros • Pocket friendly • Raintex weather protection. • Have a reflection panel Cons • The main problem with this glove is that the connector cable is short

Gerbing XR Heated Gloves

Gerbing is popular for producing quality motorcycle items and it boasts of this affordable pair of heated gloves. This particular item has a unique design made from an all-leather material with hard knuckle armour. Additionally, their heat controller is meticulously integrated into the cuff with the power code lying neatly on the cuff's outer part. The Gerbing XR gloves are the only make from Gerbing that cannot be run by rechargeable batteries. They rely on the motorbike's 12V battery. They boast of an integrated 3 stage switch heat controller that allows for heat output settings of 33%, 66% and 100%, depending on your needs. The heat is distributed evenly throughout the glove to the fingers giving you the consistent warmth you deserve. Pros • A lifetime warranty cover for the heating elements • Waterproof • Touch screen fingertip which allows for usage of touch screens Cons • Have 3 temperature setting, which is low compared to competing brands

Rev It! Livengood Gloves GTX – Black

Featuring a laminated Gore-Tex membrane, this pair of gloves are lightweight and thin but still offer the same heating efficiency as other bigger gloves. Their outer shell is made of goatskin drum leather professionally dyed with polyester rib, WR finish and fitted with PWR shell twill stretch. For insulation, it has a high loft fur liner and PrimaLoft Gold for enhanced efficiency. It also boasts of 4-point heat protection settings. Additionally, you will benefit from extra protection offered by the palm slider, knuckle armour, finger knuckle protection, and little finger protection. This aspect makes them the most protective heated motorcycle gloves. Pros • Reflection panel • Waterproof and breathable • Adjustable cuffs with a single motion closure system Cons • Some customer reviews argue that the cuff grip of this glove is not sufficient, especially in winter or snow days

Mid-range Heated Motorcycle Gloves

If you are on a mid-range budget, here are some of the best heated motorcycle gloves you can get:

Gerbing XRL Hybrid Heated Gloves WP – Black

This is one of the best mid-priced gloves available on the market. It boasts of the latest efficient MicroWirePRO heating technology for products, which gives more warmth and facilitates efficient heat distribution. The 3-stage heat controller here is integrated into the long cuffs. The heat controller yields 33%, 66% or 100% heat output as per your needs. You can power these gloves using 7v rechargeable batteries or using a motorbike battery. They can yield heat that can last up to 9 hours on a low setting and up to 3 hours on a full power setting when run on rechargeable batteries. Powering these gloves from the motorbike battery gives a more consistent heat output. Additionally, these gloves feature an all-leather material with an added hard knuckle armour. It also has a touch screen sensitive fingertip and a junior controller. Pros • Waterproof • Has a durable leather shell • Lifetime warranty for all the heating elements • Efficient heat distribution Cons • Has a 3-stage heat controller setting

Macna Progress RTX-DL Heated Gloves WP – Black

Macna Progress RTX-DL is another efficient product from Macna. It has a leather shell laminated with a waterproof membrane to shield against rain and wind. Additionally, you can integrate these gloves into a special smartphone app developed by Macna, allowing you to control them from the comfort of your phone. These gloves also utilize the Klan heated clothing technology that ensures efficient distribution of heat to the palm and the fingers. They can be powered using 7.4V or 12V rechargeable batteries or through the motorbike battery connected with an optional connector cable. Pros • Has a battery indicator • 4 efficient heat settings • Reflection panel • Touch screen fingertip sensor • Can be operated through a smartphone app Cons • They are a bit pricey

Keis G501 Premium Heated Glove WP – Black

This is another efficient pair of heated motorcycle glove from Keis, boasting a light thermal layering that increases finger tactility and dexterity. You can connect your gloves to a motorbike battery or get Keis lithium rechargeable batteries. The heating panel in these gloves is positioned at the back of the hand and around the fingertips to provide efficient heat distribution. Pros • Efficient heat distribution • Convenient visor wipe Cons • Rechargeable batteries sold separately

High-end Heated Motorcycle Gloves

If you are willing to spend a little more for real quality motorcycle clothing, consider getting the options below.

Macna Ion RTX Heated Gloves WP 7.4V 3Amp Bundle – Black

Like others in the Macna heated glove range, this is an efficient option that is relatively pricey compared to the rest. It has an outstanding design, protection and heating features. You can feel the quality of the leather material from the first touch. Additionally, it has 4 heat settings to control the heat distribution as per your needs. These gloves utilize the Klan heated clothing technology for enhanced efficiency. They also have knuckle and palm protection features. By buying these gloves, you get everything in the same box, a charger and 7.4V 3Amp rechargeable batteries. Pros • Visor wiper • Reflection panel • Raintex weather protection Cons • Charger only adapted for use in the US, UK and EU

Furygan Heat Blizzard Heated Gloves d3o 37.5 WP – Black

These are quality and comfortable heated gloves made of soft full-grain leather shell. Other than their comfortability and durability, they have a knuckle armour and palm reinforcement for extra protection. Additionally, these gloves utilize a smartphone app and are Bluetooth enabled for improved efficiency. They can be powered using rechargeable batteries that come with the package or through the motorbikes battery. To connect them to the motorcycle battery, you need to buy a connector cable separately. If you want power over long rides, you may consider getting an extra rechargeable kit. The 37.5(R) technology helps remove moisture before it becomes sweat. This feature helps keep your palm and fingers dry throughout the ride. Pros • Waterproof and breathable membrane • Visor wiper insert • Easy to read heat mode indicator Cons • Does not come with a connector cable

Our Top Pick

Among the different categories of heated motorcycle gloves reviewed above, our top recommendation is the Gerbing XRL Hybrid WP. These heated gloves have an efficient heat distribution facilitated by MicroWirePRO heating elements. Additionally, they are affordable on a mid-range budget and have advanced protection features and a smart touch feature. These are sure to keep your hands warm, even in the worst conditions mother nature can throw at you. They get 5 stars from us!

What Are The Benefits of Heated Gloves?

If you are still debating whether to buy heated gloves or not, here are a few things that you are missing out on. • Heated leather gloves allow you to enjoy your ride regardless of the season of the year • They shield your hands from health problems caused by prolonged exposure to cold • They are less bulky for increases comfortability When buying heated gloves, be sure to check on the material, protective features, grip and smart touch, source of battery power, power settings as well as their price.


Gloves are an important gear when riding a motorcycle and you should get them for added safety. Just ensure that you find something that suit your needs. You may try out the heated gloves reviewed above.