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Assen Floating Finish Grandstand Completed - December 23rd 2004

    41-metre long steel structure for 'floating' Finish grandstand completed.

    Construction work on the new 'floating' Finish grandstand at the Geert Timmer curve of the TT Circuit Assen is in full swing. This week, the next important stage was reached after the pile-driving and digging work was completed: the placement of the 41-metre long steel structure, sitting as the 'floating' part of the new Finish grandstand above the gravel trap, which will be enlarged.

    A 41-metre long steel structure for the 200-metre long grandstand was constructed last period. In the past months, piles were driven in the ground and two concrete supports placed, now covered by the 40-metre long steel structure, which later, with the concrete components, will form the 'floating' grandstand.

    This steel structure forms the support for the 'floating' part of the new Finish grandstand and is placed on 4-metre high concrete poles, beneath which the enlarged gravel trap will be realized in accordance with the wishes of MotoGP riders Rossi, Gibernau, Roberts and Aoki.

    The over 40-metre long and 4-metre wide 'colossus' will be placed by two 300-ton telescope cranes from Wagenborg Nedlift. In the coming months, BAM Utiliteitsbouw will complete the concrete grandstand, which during the 75th TT jubilee (Saturday, 25 June) will afford over 6,700 racing fans in comfortable pre-formed plastic seats and splendid height, a unique panoramic view of the performances of the GP racers.

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