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About Us was officially launched in December 2004, although work originally started on the design in September 2004. Since its inception we have steadily built an increasingly popular motorcycle website with unique and relevant content with motorcycle users in mind, attempting to cover every perceivable angle of motorcycles, we continue to work hard and develop the site even further. Our most recent achievements are;

We have built visitor numbers from zero to 6500 (as at February 2009) per day, 80% of which are unique visitors and this continues to grow on a monthly basis. We also have over 20,000 registered users who receive our free, regular monthly newsletter.

We run a small team of dedicated individuals who are committed to providing the best motorcycle-related website out there, if you have any suggestions or comments then please email and we will do our best to see what we can do and guarantee to respond.

Our quick growth is clearly demonstrated with the recent launch of the following fully functional websites owned and run by ourselves;

We own over 30 domain names and continue to develop into new areas of motorcycling so watch this space for updates and increased presence of our brand.