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Winter Supermoto - December 31st 2004

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    A brand new supermoto series will bring a unique style of racing to Britain in January 2005.

    The 2005 'Motard Masters' Supermoto Series combines a new format of racing along with top-class organisation and a youth element which is set to give the sport a real boost.

    Big name riders have already been contracted to take part in what promises to be the most innovative and exciting series in this country.

    The 'Motard Masters' comprises two traditional 'seasons' of racing through its winter and summer series which will each consist of three rounds.The two 'seasonal' series are split into three rounds each so there are potentially six overall 'Motard Masters' winners through the calendar year.

    The winter series will see events run over three weekends in January, February and March.

    Experienced supermoto promoters BROXX have teamed up with one of the top names in British motocross in KWSMX, who will be running the series, and the AMCA who will be the sanctioning body.

    The new format sees the normal procedure of a super final to combine the best riders from each class, like the world famous 'Superbiker' event at Mettet in Belgium, combined with the addition to the race programme of finals four all four classes.

    As well as three classes for older age limits there will also be a new class for riders aged between 11 and 14.

    This class, to be known as SM4, will give riders the chance to enter the sport on 85cc motocross machines which can quickly be modified for use in this category.

    Control wheels and tyres will make the switch very cost affective and inexperienced riders will be able to compete at a basic level of supermoto to gain track time.

    Swiss rider Danni Muller has confirmed his entry for the winter series which will see two rounds at the Three Sisters Race Circuit, near Wigan, and a final round at Lydd International Raceway, Ashford, in Kent.

    Muller will be joined by French team-mate Kevin Berthome on the Wire Yamaha squad and they will do battle for honours with Mettet Superbiker veteran Frederic Fiorentino who will be competing on the Dave Clark Racing Husaberg UK machine.

    KTM's Matt Winstanley, who finished on the podium at the final round of the world supermoto championship in Spain, will bring one of the hottest young talents to the series.

    Christian Iddon, who is set to race for a new team in 2005 after leaving Husqvarna, is also taking part along with Germany's Jochen Jasinski. BROXX spokesman Tony Brock said: "We hope this new series will prove to be a successful one which will combine well run events with competitive racing and the new element of entry-level supermoto."

    Venues and dates for the summer series will be announced at the beginning of 2005. The 2005 'Motard Masters' Supermoto Winter Series dates: Round one: January 22-23, Three Sisters Race Circuit, Wigan. Round two: February 12-13, Three Sisters. Round three: Lydd International Raceway, Ashford, Kent.

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