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The UK's Fastest Ladies (Team Bikegirl) - September 3rd 2004

    Nottingham girl Susie Grayson is aiming to make waves in the male dominated world of the motorcycle racing world by filling a club racing grid with new female racers in 2005 - a grid which would more usually see just one or two girls competing amongst thirty men. Susie believes that there are not enough girls competing in bike racing, which is why we don't see them on the podium on the world stage. "I see no reason why women can't compete effectively in this sport. A common objection is that women are too weak or slight, but this is not the case; with correct training we are quite capable of matching up to the men. We need more women in the sport and I'm sure that with enough encouragement we can start to make a difference."

    Team Bikegirl is currently being recruited, and an Open Day is being held on the 25th September at Silverstone race circuit in Northants. This day is available to all girls who are interested in taking up bike racing; attendees will be presented with a series of useful talks, meet current top racers, have the opportunity to sign up to the team, and will also be able to watch Feisty Racing (the mentoring arm of the team) perform in the races. Local and national press will also be there.

    Susie's website,, is both a resource for ladies who love their motorcycles and a tool to promote the racing and keep the world updated with progress of top female racers. A Bikegirl "Racing Hunks 2005" calendar is due to be launched during September with the aim of raising the profile of female racers and generating income to help the team operate.

    Team Bikegirl is looking for sponsorship for the 2005 season and has many advertising opportunities for companies interested in raising their profile in what will no doubt be a closely watched venture. Contact may be made through the website or by emailing

    Team Bikegirl aims:

  1. 2005 - Fill the BMCRC grid with racing girls and shock the racing world, grabbing plenty of podiums on the way.
  2. 2006 - Team Bikegirl will be aiming to move to the National racing arena, and this season will be for grooming the 2005 talent whilst still taking on new girls for their first season to keep filling the grid.
  3. 2007 - Team Bikegirl race in a National Championship, plus 2 teams at club level - first and second season.