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MAG puts its Money Where its Mouth Is - September 20th 2004

    The Motorcycle Action Group (MAG) has paid out a reward of 500 to Wirral motorcyclist Keith Buck for his effort in combating motorcycle theft. Buck, who was approached by a thief with an offer of stolen parts, relayed his suspicions to police with whom he co-operated by viewing an ID parade which resulted in a successful prosecution.

    Mr Buck attended the inaugural seminar of the MAG Foundations on motorcycle crime at the University of Warwick on Saturday to receive his cheque from MAG President Ian Mutch who underlined the importance of people co-operating with the police in order to challenge the scourge of motorcycle theft.

    Ironically, due to an error, the defendant in this case was handed Buck's full details and he and his family have been the victims of a hate campaign of violent threats and vandalism that has lasted for months.

    Despite the serious nature of the offence, the thief received only a six month curfew order. Wirral police declined to provide MAG with the name of the felon for publication in the group's newspaper. Buck also met resistance in trying to discover when the thief was likely to be freed and assumed that he must have been when the campaign of vandalism resumed after a respite.

    MAG argues that sentences for motorcycle theft do not reflect the great hurt and inconvenience that the offence causes. MAG Spokesman Ian Mutch said, "In an age when road users are losing their licenses and possibly their living for a series of minor speeding offences, the leniency with which bike thieves are treated represents a glaring inconsistency in the application of justice. In short - the law's a joke and is framed to protect the interests of criminals at the expense of honest citizens.

    MAG is campaigning for a review of sentencing policy as part of its' Campaign for Real Justice. Those who support MAG's aims should contact the group via