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BMW - Special offer for a very special motorcycle - June 1st 2005

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    BMW Motorrad's K1200 LT is universally acknowledged as the world's best touring motorcycle. It has won the Motor Cycle News Best Tourer Award for the last six consecutive years (a record in itself) and is regularly seen transporting riders and passengers in unsurpassed luxury to far-flung and exotic destinations all over the world.

    Although it is equipped with more features and components than almost any other motorcycle - including a reverse gear, electrically adjustable screen, electro-hydraulic centre stand, on-board computer, CD player and ABS brakes - one of the few items that doesn't come as standard on BMW's flagship tourer is satellite navigation. However, for a limited period, purchasers of the 116 bhp K1200 LT will also receive BMW's Motorrad II GPS system for free, including fitting.

    BMW has been at the forefront of motorcycle GPS technology since its original Motorrad Navigator was launched several years ago. The Navigator II version is a true motorcycle friendly unit that can also be used in a car, or while cycling or walking.

    Incorporating the latest anti-reflective, heated touch-screen technology and one of the fastest processors for map drawing, the Navigator II scores maximum points with motorcyclists because it has been specifically designed for use with gloved fingers. It also has 512 MB of memory (compared to 128 MB on the original unit) and comes with a fuel and water-resistant casing, unique mounting cradle and MapSource European City Navigator street-level mapping software for the whole of Europe.

    Navigation includes turn-by-turn route finding with a choice of shortest time, shortest distance or linear distance options, and an audio socket also allows voice directions in a choice of 12 European languages. Bluetooth technology (available with BMW's System 5 helmet) will also enable wireless communication of voice directions to the rider.

    As for the K1200 LT, a host of technical innovations and luxury equipment make BMW's flagship tourer (which starts at 13,550 on-the-road) one of the most desirable machines currently available. The Navigator II unit has a recommended retail price of 1,350 but until the end of September, purchasers of the K1200 LT will receive a fully fitted system for free.

    The K1200 LT and the Navigator II GPS system can both be demonstrated at any BMW Motorrad dealership.

    Customers can call BMW's information line: 0800 777 155 or visit for more information.