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Shell Advances Into The 2005 BSB Championship With Rizla Suzuki - January 5th 2005

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    RIZLA SUZUKI'S new for 2005 lubricant partner Shell Advance Motorcycle Oils vows its products will help riders John Reynolds and Scott Smart to get the most performance possible from their GSX-R1000K5 race bikes.

    Shell Advance Motorcycle Oils are well known for their ability to increase engine performance while maintaining reliability - and these are the two key areas the Rizla Suzuki technicians will be focussing on as they develop the all-new GSX-R1000K5 into a Championship contender.

    Boasting a top pedigree in the World Superbike and MotoGP Championships, Shell uses its wealth of racing experience to produce top quality Advance Motorcycle Oils for road use. The off-the-shelf Shell Advance Ultra 4 Motorcycle Oil that anyone can buy from Shell garage forecourts or local motorcycle dealers will be used in the Rizla Suzuki GSX-R1000K5.

    Shell Advance is also promising to use its technical partnership with Rizla Suzuki to further refine and develop its Advance motorcycle oils for both track and road use. The highly tuned Rizla Suzuki GSX-R1000K5 being piloted by reigning BSB Champion JR and his hard-riding team mate Scott Smart will be the perfect test-bed for Shell Advance as it develops new motorcycle oil technology.

    Shell UK Motorcycle Sector Manager Les Dash said: "Rizla Suzuki is the premier professional team in the British Superbike Championship and that reflects how we want to position Shell Advance in terms of the quality and performance of the range of products.

    "We are absolutely committed to making the best Advance Motorcycle Oil possible and through our technical relationship with Rizla Suzuki we will be able to test our oil in the most competitive Superbike Championship in the world. Shell Advance is a range of dedicated motorcycle products and we now have a significant amount of experience in the Global MCO market and in motorcycle racing - Rizla Suzuki is the most dynamic and successful outfit in the UK and we are delighted to be joining the team."

    Rizla Suzuki team manager Robert Wicks said: "There isn't a bigger name in motorcycle oil than Shell Advance and it is a real credit that this brand has picked Rizla Suzuki for a technical partnership.

    "We shall use the off-the-shelf Shell Advance Ultra 4 fully synthetic oil for racing, confident it can deliver excellent engine power and reliability. The fact this product is available to buy for use in road bikes is amazing and shows how Shell Advance returns its racing technology and science to the end-user. We will also assist in developing new variations of oil to help Shell Advance stay well ahead of its competition, it is the perfect partnership."

    The British Superbike Championship starts on Bank Holiday Monday, March 28th at Brands Hatch in Kent.