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Lock-2-Lock Scheme Has a New Partner - May 11th 2005

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    The Motorcycle Action Group is the latest organisation to officially endorse the Lock-2-Lock national security scheme.

    MAG's Director of Public Affairs, Trevor Baird welcomed the scheme, "as having a long term importance in the fight against motorcycle theft." MAG will be working to help promote the scheme in various ways.

    MAG supports the L2L scheme as a welcome deterrent against the continuing problem of motorcycle and scooter theft. The L2L scheme cleverly embraces the motorcycling community's spirit of self-help. MAG supports the L2L scheme as part of its on-going commitment to anti-theft campaigning.

    The Lock-2-Lock team believe, "the scheme is a fantastic opportunity for the motorcycle industry and we look forward to seeing further growth over the coming months and years and we look forward to working with MAG in the fight against bike theft."

    It takes less than 20 seconds for a bike to be loaded into the back of a van. Lock-2-Lock has one important objective - to beat motorcycle thieves by uniting motorcyclists and allowing them to work together. The scheme is simplicity itself. By attaching an L2L sticker to their bikes, motorcyclists can help to drastically reduce motorcycle theft. The L2L sticker displayed on a motorcycle authorises another Lock-2-Lock member to lock his or her bike security chain to that particular bike's security chain. It is that simple. Only the locks are locked together, therefore any of the bikes can be removed from the "chain" of bikes when the owner desires.

    More information about the scheme can be found by visiting

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