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MAG says "Bikers Are Voters" - April 12th 2005

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    The Motorcycle Action Group (MAG) is harnessing its members and bikers nationwide to remind politicians that more than ever - bikers are voters.

    Past efforts to send this message to parliament have resulted in the formation of the Government Advisory Group on Motorcycling, which has brought MAG to the table with good results.

    The exemption of motorcycles from congestion charging, the bus lane access trials and the enhanced parking provision in city centres are all examples of a preferred transport status option for which MAG has argued.

    The group now wishes to see those initiatives rolled out nation-wide with full central government backing.

    Besides the pro-motorcycling initiatives aimed at enhancing the usefulness of motorcycles as a means of addressing our congestion and environmental problems MAG seeks an end to the negative portrayal of motorcycling.

    Detractors in influential positions are still misrepresenting data in an effort to marginalise a form of transport that is enjoying increasing patronage by all classes, sexes and age groups.

    MAG is urging its members to send MAG's manifesto plus a list of questions to candidates in an effort to identify where support and opposition lies throughout the political spectrum. It is also hoped that candidates who hold no views on our issues will be encouraged to look at the arguments we are presenting and support motorcycling.

    MAG's Public Affairs Officer Trevor Baird said, "In 1997 Labour promised to put motorcycling at the heart of transport policy. MAG remains politically neutral but we have no problem insisting that whoever wins the General election adopts that pledge and acts on it."

    MAG's President Ian Mutch emphasised that motorcycles can help achieve the environmental and mobility challenges of the 21st century, we want to see all parties accept the simple logic that bikes make sense.