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Motorcycle Sales Remain Steady as Summer Season Perks Up - September 12th 2005

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    The summer season came into its own in August. More good riding days meant that motorcycle sales were up by six percent compared to August 2004 and the year to date figure caught up.

    Motorcycle sales are also proving to be favourable by comparison to the car market which saw a fall of almost six percent on year to date figures.

    The Sport Touring sector is experiencing a revival following a number of months with reduced sales. August 2004 saw an increase of ten percent for this style of bike compared to August 2005.

    Adventure Sport is still benefiting from the 'Long Way Round' effect and has sustained its lead as the biggest growing sector in recent months with a 32 percent increase on the year to date figures.

    The sales of Naked bikes continue to grow and the year to date figure shows a 17 percent increase, which is good news for a sector which holds a fifth of the market share. Custom bikes have also shown some continued growth achieving a six percent increase year to date.

    Craig Carey Clinch, MCI's Director of Public Affairs said, "Motorcycle sales have increased by six percent during the month of August, when the UK enjoyed some perfect riding weather. Although mopeds and scooters have seen a decline in sales, the motorcycle market has remained steady.

    "The areas of growth, such as adventure sport, and the turn around in the fortune of sport touring, confirm that people are now choosing two-wheels for an increasingly wide range of activities, including commuting and leisure."