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Motorbike Taxis Forbidden - January 13th 2005

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    The Motorcycle Action Group (MAG) is urging Transport For London TFL to drop its plans to prohibit motorcycle taxi operations in the capitol.

    MAG feel that TFL should accept that London is a world class city with a serious traffic problem to which motorcycles offer an elegant solution for busy people to meet critical deadlines. A more holistic view of safety would recognise that stress and air pollution are actually injurious whereas motorcycle accident injuries are only possibilities and very slim ones judging by the impeccable record of the bikecab companies.

    Figures indicate that none of the passengers who have made use of the superb motorcycle taxi service have suffered a serious injury in almost ten years of operation.

    It would seem that TFL are not just overreacting to a problem but are imagining a problem in order that they can over react to it.

    MAG President Ian Mutch said, "The present intransigence over the issue represents the ascendancy of pedantic hysteria over common sense. We don't need a road safety czar to solve this one we need a Solomon. After he's sorted the taxi issue he can sort congestion at a stroke by taking a sword to cars and slicing them down the middle providing. . . motorcycles - voila!"

    The Motorcycle Action Group now has a Mayfair-based dedicated commuter group which is lobbying for enhanced parking facilities and bus lane access to accommodate the growing number of commuters using motorcycles.

    For further information contact Ian Mutch Tel: 07799 764 161 or Gerard Livett MAG Greater London Regional Representative