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CCM Add Bespoke Service To Existing Model Range - May 13th 2005

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    With business very much underway back at the new Bolton based factory, CCM Motorcycles have announced that it will now be offering a new bespoke service that will compliment the existing model range. This service will give customers the chance to choose from a selection of finishes to create a personalised design and is aimed at those owners who want something just a little bit different.

    The bespoke package must be specified at the time of order and is currently limited to just the 644 - R30 model range, although plans are in place to extend this service further at a later date. In addition to the standard colour range, customers can now also choose from finishes that include carbon, flip and camouflage to make their own personal bike and for it to stand out in a crowd.

    The modern and flexible production line at the new factory allows for these custom order machines to be manufactured along side the standard models, meaning that there is little or no difference in lead times irrespective of what the customer specifies.

    Commenting on this unique new service, Managing Director Gary Harthern explained.

    " Part of the new business plan is understanding that CCM is a unique brand. We are not a mass producer of motorcycles in the broadest sense, but more of a specialist supplier, servicing a niche demand. What makes CCM great is that it is British and different to any other bike firm."

    " Our customers buy a CCM because they are proud to buy something that is made in the UK and because they are looking for something a bit unusual."

    " The new bespoke service is the first step in ensuring that we address these values and build on them in the future to maintain the World famous CCM brand. In some ways you can make the comparison between us and TVR in the car market. We are looking for the TVR customer who wants two wheels rather than four."

    "Our custom packages are very much like what Mini have done with the new Mini One and Mini Cooper range, where the customer can add the final detail to create a unique vehicle that perhaps makes a statement about him or her self."

    " This is an exciting new era for CCM, and one that will form the foundations of our future business and success."