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Award Given to DfT For Innovative Approach to Motorcycle Safety - December 14th 2005

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    The Department for Transport (DfT) has been honoured with a prestigious Prince Michael Road Safety Award at their annual presentation Christmas dinner.

    This award, sponsored by the Motorcycle Industry Association (MCI), was given as recognition of the DfT's innovative package of measures creating a safer environment for motorcyclists and scooter riders.

    The DfT campaign has contributed towards a greater understanding of motorcycle safety in a number of areas, including traffic management, and has contributed towards an encouraging climate of casualty reduction in the UK during 2004 by using a package of initiatives which include:

  1. The Government Advisory Group on Motorcycles
  2. National Motorcycle Strategy
  3. TV Adverts
  4. Support for The IHIE Motorcycle Guidelines
  5. PTW activity in the Think! Campaign, specifically, sponsorship of British Superbikes
  6. Support for research into infrastructure Traffic Management Measures
  7. Although some of these initiatives are still ongoing, taken together, the whole package, combined with the general approach to rider safety by DfT has had the following effects:-

  8. Raised awareness of motorcycle safety among riders and non riders alike
  9. Explored the scope of innovative initiatives for casualty reduction
  10. Created an effective public/private stakeholder relationship
  11. Created positive debate at local authority level
  12. Increased the knowledge 'pool' relating to measures to reduce PTW rider vulnerability
  13. Craig Carey-Clinch MCI Director of Public Affairs said, "The MCI is delighted to be the sponsor of this award presented to a project that has adopted a broad range of innovative policies. The comprehensive package of measures introduced by the DfT has helped to raise awareness of motorcycle safety among riders and non-riders which can only help to make motorcycling safer.

    "Across the UK the statistics have shown that the number of motorcycle fatalities fell by 16% between 2004 and 2003 and serious injuries also fell by 13% during the same period. This diverse and inventive campaign will have contributed to the falling figures and demonstrates that working together and using a broad spectrum of activities can have an effect on road safety."