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BMW Motorrad and Aprilia S.p.A. sign cooperation contract - March 16th 2005

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    BMW Motorrad and Aprilia S.p.A., Noale (Piaggio Group), have successfully completed talks regarding a renewed collaboration in the motorcycle sector. A cooperation contract was signed in Munich relating to development and production services. This is in connection with a future, additional product offering in motorcycle segments that are entirely new to BMW. Production is due to take place in the Italian Aprilia plants at Noale and Scorzč near Venice.

    From 1993 until the end of 1999, Aprilia built the first generation of the extremely successful single-cylinder F650 for BMW Motorrad. Production of the successor model was then moved to the BMW Motorrad plant in Berlin.

    Dr. Herbert Diess, Head of BMW Motorrad, said: "This is a further extension of BMW's motorcycle range. Models of the existing single-cylinder series (F Series) are not affected by these considerations. Among other things, we see in this cooperation a key contribution to the reinforcement of the European motorcycle and supply industry."

    For the BMW Group, the collaboration is a useful medium for releasing its own resources for other strategic functions. Aprilia S.p.A., which since 30 December 2004, is 100% controlled by the Piaggio Group (Pontedera, Pisa, Italy), will bring to the cooperation agreement its renowned, technological and production capabilities in the motorcycle sector.

    "This cooperation will further consolidate the sales volume of components manufactured for the BMW Group in Italy," said Dr. Marco Saltalamacchia, President of BMW Italia. "In 2004, this figure was around 420million euros (60million euros for motorcycles) making Italy one of the most important supplier countries of the BMW Group."

    Dr. Roberto Colaninno, Chairman of both Piaggio Group and Aprilia explained: "The agreement with BMW Motorrad confirms Aprilia's reputation and technological and design capabilities. For us, it is a further significant step in the recovery process of Aprilia as one of the most important motorcycle brands and manufacturers in Italy and Europe since its acquisition by Piaggio."

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