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Biking Beats Bank Holiday and Boosts Business Too - August 16th 2005

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    As the August Bank-Holiday approaches, new research by the Motor Cycle Industry Association reveals that UK motorcyclists not only enjoy a head start over jam-bound cars, they contribute nearly 400 million to the UK tourism.

    In its survey of more than 2,000 riders and non-riders from across the UK in July 2005, MCI found that 84% of the UK's 1.5 million riders prefer to holiday by motorcycle for holidays, short breaks and days out - even though the majority have access to a car.

    Using a bike or scooter to travel around the UK offers many benefits that other forms of transport can't compete with. Travelling independently means riders can choose to go exactly where they want to and not be held to the pre-planned routed of trains, buses and coaches whose timetables can sometimes be very limited especially in rural areas.

    One-quarter of riders use motorcycles as their preferred mode of transport to enjoy days-out in the UK, one-in-six take weekend short-breaks by bike and one-in-fifteen holiday on two-wheels - average spend is 68 per day on accommodation, food and entertainment.

    Craig Carey-Clinch MCI's Director of Public Affairs said, "Motorcycling is more than just an alternative form of daily transport. Holidaying by bike is an excellent way of seeing more of the British Isle's breathtaking scenery at your own convenience. It contributes a significant amount to local tourism, opens up great opportunities for exploration and means that you can get avoid the time and expense of driving by car o the restrictions of public transport."