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CCM Concept becomes reality as pre production versions of FT35 hit the road and track - September 19th 2005

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    CCM FT35

    Just over a month after CCM announced its brave move to launch an all new model in the form of the FT35 flat tracker styled machine, the original concept drawings have now become reality. With everything on schedule for the FT35 to make its public debut at the International Motorcycle show at the NEC during late October, the Bolton based company is now putting the finishing touches to the first pre production machines.

    The original concept drawings have captured the imagination and attention of both the public and the motorcycling media the World over, with enquiries and further orders being received by the CCM sales office on a daily basis. The level of international interest has surprised all concerned. " We were quite confident that the FT35 would be received well by the British, as we have a history of liking retro styled bikes and cars, but what has shocked us is the appeal it has had overseas. I think nearly every major bike magazine in Europe and beyond has published the original drawings and the response has been simply incredible." Explained CCM's Sales and Competition Manager Austin Clews.

    Progress within the recently reorganised CCM company has been fast by anyone's standards, with a prototype machine appearing in the press just a few weeks after the initial drawings. From this point work has continued to refine certain elements of the radical design to arrive at a pre production version, which represents a very close match to the final article.

    With the main specifications now determined, both a track and road version of the FT35 are currently undergoing pre production testing for the purpose of ensuring the highest quality assurance when full production gets underway. This period of testing will also be used to make detailed changes to get the perfect setup for both the road and track.

    The feed back from the range of test riders used to evaluate the pre production versions has been both incredibly positive and very informative, these have included members of the press, racers both past and present and a selection of general road and off road riders.

    " Whilst we were really excited about seeing the FT35 as a real bike after months of working on the drawing board, we have been absolutely blown away by the reaction of everyone else who has seen or tested the bike. As we appreciated right from the start, that it may not be everyone's idea of the perfect bike. But when people have been stepping off it and then ordering one following their test ride, it really gives us the confidence that we have created a unique and winning package." Remarked CCM's Managing Director Gary Harthern.

    " We are really looking forward to the NEC show, as we now feel that the FT35 is going to cause a real storm amongst the British public, especially as it is truly a British designed and built bike." Continued Harthern.

    Full details on the new FT range are available at