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Airwaves Ducati continues its winning run - October 20th 2005

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    Airwaves Ducati's winning form continued yesterday during title sponsor, Wrigley's Airwaves, Palmer Sport track day, picking up 1st place honours in the team competition.

    The Wrigley team, a combination of the Airwaves Ducati team, Wrigley guests and employees beat 4 other teams racing a combination of seven different cars including Caterham 7's, Palmer Jaguars and Formula Palmer open wheel race cars.

    2005 British Superbike Champion Gregorio Lavilla led the charge with blistering lap times in which ever car he turned his hand to. Individual honours also went to Wrigley team members Leane Tilley, Steve Cranham, Simon Knight and Patrick Mcgrath.

    Wrigley Marketing Director Toby Baker commented, "It was a fun day out for all, but it didn't take long for the competitive spirit to get going. It's fantastic that we can translate our two wheeled success onto four despite some stiff competition from other teams on the day."

    Team Manger Colin Wright was not available for comment on his performance at the time of going to press.