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The Future is Motorcycling - February 23rd 2005

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    The Motorcycle Action Group (MAG) welcomes the Road Safety Minister David Jamieson's announcement of the publication of the first National Motorcycling Strategy (NMS) designed to ensure the "mainstreaming" of motorcycling as a means of transport.

    MAG has worked relentlessly over a five year period with the rest of the motorcycle community to complete the Advisory Group on Motorcycling recommendations to Government and to advance these towards a national motorcycle strategy.

    Motorcycling now has the opportunity to represent itself at the very top seat of mainstream transportation with recognition from Government that an increasing number of people are turning to motorcycles and scooters in order to beat congestion as well as riding bikes just for the sheer fun of it.

    The strategy aims to ensure that:

  1. motorcycling is recognised as a "mainstream" mode of transport.
  2. transport planning and infrastructure decisions fully take motorcycling into account.
  3. motorcycle design continues to improve.
  4. the attitudes and behaviour of both drivers and motorcyclists is focused on looking out for each other.
  5. pre-test and post-test training continues to improve, making it attractive to riders.
  6. the motorcycle test is reviewed, including a review of the delivery of the Direct Access Scheme.
  7. Road Safety Minister David Jamieson said, "This is the first national motorcycling strategy and clearly demonstrates the Government's commitment to addressing the concerns of bikers, ensuring that the needs of motorcyclists are fully considered when making future decisions.

    Trevor Baird, Director of Public Affairs, MAG said, "It is the moment of truth for motorcycling, this has not been megaphone diplomacy but steady work in partnership to set out a clear programme of action for the future of motorcycle policies in the UK"

    The NMS provides a keystone for motorcycle policies but the main issues of immediate concern for MAG are the acceptance by authorities of the benefits of motorcycles in Bus Lanes, provision of adequate Motorcycle Parking, the danger of Diesel spills, Crash Barrier design and the promotion and funding of Bikesafe.