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Telefonica Honda Complete The First Test Session at Sepang - January 25th 2005

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    The three-day MotoGP test at Sepang, Malaysia ended with good results for the Telefonica MoviStar Honda Team. Despite the hot temperatures (52 degrees the asphalt temperature), Sete Gibernau completed 57 laps running consistently on a pace of 2'02", he also made some fast laps on 2'01".

    Marco Melandri, improved his feeling with the RC211v and lapped consistently improving his lap time.

    Juan Martinez, Sete Gibernau's chief mechanic:

    "Today we finished the program scheduled for this first test session, we also tested different chassis. Now we need to analyse all the data gathered here, this analyse is fundamental to start working for the 2005.

    I'm satisfied of the results we got so far, Sete run faster and more consistent on this track, now we have to verify if the modifications we mage here are good also for the other tracks. "

    SETE GIBERNAU - 2'01"2, 57 laps: "We have done a good job evaluating the parts HRC brought here for us to test. HRC needed to evaluate the parts before building the 2005 RC211V. I was able to do many laps at 2'02" and a few inside 2'01". This test also helped us understand why we had such a bad race at this track last year.

    One of my aim before coming here was also to work in strong cooperation with Michelin and HRC and I think that we have worked well."

    Fabrizio Cecchini, capotecnico di Marco Melandri: "We leave Malaysia satisfied and with some good results, Marco has entered the Honda Gresini family after two difficult seasons on MotoGP and I'm happy to say that now he is enjoying riding and he has improved his pace a lot. He had a good rhythm today with used tyres! We didn't make a long run but we used the same tyres for more than 20 laps and Marco was doing well."

    MARCO MELANDRI - 2'02"19, 66 laps:!

    "I'm very happy about today because, like everyone else, it was hard work for me in the heat this afternoon. We changed the geometry a little and the bike was better. With the changes to the geometry and the new Michelin tyres everything was much better. Before this test I was a little worried about how I would perform because this track was not great for me in the past.

    Today we made many laps with used tyres and I have seen that I'm not too far from the other riders. As for the single lap time, it's still a little bit early for me to make a very good fast lap because I need to know the bike better. "