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MAG Turns Spotlight on Diesel Spills - April 25th 2005

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    The Motorcycle Action Group (MAG) is turning up the pressure on the menace of diesel spills.

    MAG want all garages to accept its warning stickers which are designed to remind drivers to replace fuel caps properly.

    A recent TV news item illustrated how easy it is for drivers to forget to replace fuel caps as there is no legislation requiring caps to be secured with chains or designed so that ignition keys cannot be withdrawn from them unless they are properly secured.

    MAG's Director of Public Affairs, Trevor Baird says, "Despite extensive campaigning on the danger of diesel spills for motorcyclists, the situation doesn't seem to have been resolved. How hard is for diesel tanks to be designed so that diesel cannot spill out of tanks or caps designed to prevent the problem, it's not rocket science."

    MAG has produced thousands of Diesel Spill stickers which have been placed on pumps and trucks throughout the UK to remind drivers of the dangers of diesel spills, but the group is still meeting resistance from forecourt staff, supermarket chains and oil companies to the use of the stickers.

    MAG also point out that Diesel Spills on the highway are not being mopped up correctly, road authorities are continuing to use of sand and stone chippings which create a further hazard instead of more appropriate materials and tactics.

    After the General Election MAG will be calling on newly elected MPs to champion this issue for motorcyclists in parliament.