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Proposal To Impose Rail Congestion Charging - June 27th 2005

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    In the wake of proposals by the Association of Rail Operating Companies (ATOC) to impose congestion charging on rail users, the Motor Cycle Industry Association (MCI) says that the incentive to switch to motorcycling is stronger than ever. The Association is highlighting the top ten reasons why bikes and scooters are the best congestion busters.

    ATOC has announced that it is considering introducing a congestion charge on trains to help reduce the expected increase in the number of rail passengers over the next ten years.

    The policy will make travelling off-peak more attractive, but there will be no benefits to working people, or people in education who need to travel during the peak hours. Trains are already more expensive to travel on during the working rush hour and further hikes could push people off the rails.

    Passengers have complained that they feel trapped by charges - congestion charges for driving a car into London and now, additional charges for commuting by train.

    MCI is advising people that there is an alternative which attracts no such charges, is cheaper to run on day to day basis, is far more reliable for door to door journeys and is unaffected by congestion. The Motorcycle.

    MCI has identified ten key benefits of taking to a motorcycle, scooter or moped and why people should use them to ride to work;

  1. Journey times - they are almost always vastly reduced.
  2. Freedom - to travel where and when you want to, without the constraints of public transport timetables
  3. No user charges beyond the cost of petrol, insurance and the tax disk
  4. Pollution - the use of scooters and motorcycles can help cut pollution
  5. Cost-effective - can be cheaper to buy and run
  6. Parking - motorcycles and scooters take up less parking space
  7. Less Stress - motorcycles allow users to leave home later and arrive earlier, more refreshed and ready for work
  8. Overcrowding - motorcycle use avoids the daily grind of delays and hot stuffy, overcrowded buses and trains
  9. Congestion - Motorcycles are almost unaffected by congestion and because it doesn't contribute to hold ups, helps to reduce road congestion for everyone
  10. Flexible - Motorcycles can be used for all types of journey, as and when riders wish
  11. Craig Carey-Clinch MCI's Director of Public Affairs said, "The reality of public transport is ever increasing prices and daily aggro, coupled with ever reducing efficiency and convenience. And now ATOC proposes to impose congestion charging.

    "Motorcycles offer an alternative that is streets ahead of other modes in terms of convenience, flexibility, individual freedom and reduced journey times. It is clear that the powered two wheeled advantage is ahead of the daily grind of the four wheeled traditional modes of transport. No wonder people are increasingly taking to motorcycling and discovering its fantastic benefits."