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Superside - Hungaroring Final Qualifying Session - May 28th 2005

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    The heat in Hungaroring didn't let up for the afternoon's final qualifying session, making conditions difficult for the riders and passengers, and the tyres.

    French Team BARSA riders Jean & Gregory Cluze were still trying to get their new LCR-Suzuki dialled in and spent the time in and out of the pits making small adjustments to the steering, and found another 2 seconds to move up to 15th position.

    Tero Maninnen's problems were still unsolved and he managed only a single lap before his misfiring Suzuki was brought back into the pits, leaving the Finn struggling down in 13th place.

    Austrian's Sepp Doppler & Bernard Wagner continued to improve while their team-mates, brothers Michaela & Bernd Grabmüller pulled off the circuit in a hurry as their Gemini Racing Yamaha caught fire. Luckily the marshals were on hand to quickly extinguish the flames before any damage was done.

    The heat prevented many teams from going faster. Jörg Steinhausen used the opportunity to try a different set up, but only proved that it didn't work. "At least we now know what set-up to use for the race" said passenger Trevor Hopkinson. The pair will start from the outside of the front row for tomorrow afternoon's race.

    Second position Tim & Tristan Reeves also failed to improve their time, but were happy enough with their front row start.

    Steve Webster & Paul Woodhead meanwhile were finally free of running in engines, and made some small adjustments to their chassis to unofficially dip under their own lap record, with a new fastest time of 1:53:43s, nearly 8/10ths faster than the previous top time. "Everything is working perfectly" said a happy Webster "but that was a one off lap, and in this heat we would soon wear out tyres, engines - and ourselves if we tried to go this fast in the race. Tim's not far behind on race pace, so I think it could be close tomorrow".

    Adolf Hänni with driver Mike Roscher was another happy with his position despite not improving in time. "we start from the inside of row 2, so after the problems at Brands Hatch I am happy" said the new father (see separate story).

    Martien & Tonnie van Gils were one of the few to find a few 10ths of a second, but just failed to get ahead of Roscher & Hänni. Dan Morrissey & Rob Biggs held onto 6th position for a third row start, whilst Bryan Pedder & Rod Steadman on the second of the Team Roberts machines improved to jump ahead of Billy Gällros & Johnny Briggs on the BG Sweden Sourcecom machine.

    Pekka Päivarinta & Peter Wall moved up to 9th position ahead of Doppler, while Brands sensations Andy Laidlow & Patrick Farrance will start from 11th on the grid. "I'm not very good in qualifying" said Andy "it's something I need to work on. But I'm confident for a good race tomorrow".

    The Race starts at 4pm tomorrow afternoon and the competitors will face 19 gruelling laps round this demanding circuit.

  1. 1 - Steve Webster/Paul Woodhead
  2. 2 - Tim Reeves/Tristan Reeves
  3. 3 - Jörg Steinhausen/Trevor Hopkinson
  4. 4 - Mike Roscher/Adolf Hänni
  5. 5 - Martin van Gils/Tonnie van Gils
  6. 6 - Daniel Morrissey/Robert Biggs
  7. 7 - Bryan Pedder/Rod Steadman
  8. 8 - Billy Gallros/John Briggs
  9. 9 - Pekka Päivärinta/Peter Wall
  10. 10 - Sepp Doppler/Bernard Wagner
  11. 11 - Andy Laidlow/Patrick Farrance
  12. 12 - Thomas Foukal/Jiri Pertlicek
  13. 13 - Tero Manninen/Pekka Kuismanen
  14. 14 - Michael Grabmüller/Bernd Grabmüller
  15. 15 - Jean Cluze/Gregory Cluze