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MAG Challenges TfL Gimmicks - March 29th 2005

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    The Motorcycle Action Group (MAG) will fiercely defend the hard won exemption from congestion charging that Transport For London (TfL) members want to see withdrawn. If this proposal makes progress then MAG will consider giant demonstrations along the lines of the 1988 Hyde Park protest against leg protectors.

    MAG Director of Public Affairs Trevor Baird said, "The reasoning behind the threat smacks of desperation. Confounded by the reality that bike accidents are falling, our critics are now complaining that they're not falling fast enough; there's just no pleasing some people."

    MAG is also concerned about other elements of the package of measures suggested by TfL to further reduce motorcycle accidents.

    MAG has fought against safety' gadgets like leg protectors and airbags before and to see these false panaceas being revived is deeply worrying. Road safety is all about attitude rather than clutching at gimmicks which are likely to be counter productive.

    Intelligent Speed Adaptation (ISA) devices, to keep motorcycles to the speed limits is something MAG will never accept, as to withdraw direct control of motorcycles is to destroy the whole principle of private transport.

    MAG President Ian Mutch said:- "MAG has worked feverishly in the cause of safety but we will not accept safety at any price. Life is about choices and balancing pleasures and responsibilities but ISA is definitely a step too far."