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MotoGP Testing in Sepang
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MotoGP Testing in Sepang - November 29th 2005

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    Although Marco was not in perfect physical conditions, he continued to be one of the fastest riders on track: after having scored the best lap time yesterday, today the Italian posted the second fastest time. Alongside Marco, his team mate Toni Elias who, entering his second MotoGP season but his first for Honda, is building up experience on the RC211V. Toni completed 80 laps improving lap by laphis feeling with the bike. The Spaniard signed today's third fastest time.

    American Hayden spent his day evaluating the latest version of the RCV chassis that HRC introduced late in the 2005 season. Pedrosa experimented with the suspension settings and the ride height of his RCV in a bid to find the machine set up most suitable to his style and size.

    Once he felt more at home on the machine Pedrosa improved his lap time by 0.7 seconds and pronounced himself satisfied with his day's work. Team-mate Hayden has yet to be convinced the latest chassis is a major improvement on the one he raced to fourth place at the Malaysian GP, held in September last.

    Capirossi completed a total of 60 laps, setting a quickest time of 1m41.489s.

    "We were lucky with the weather!" declared a smiling Capirossi. "Despite the fact that it was cold, the track was in a pretty decent condition. We were able to work better than yesterday and the positive impressions of the first day were confirmed. Today we also tested several tyres and new front and rear suspensions and the feeling was good right away. Everything is going well. Hopefully if the weather stays good tomorrow, I'll do a few back-to-back tests with the GP5 but I can honestly say that our new bike has got off to a good start."

    It was a positive day also for his new team-mate Sete Gibernau, who is becoming more and more familiar with his new Desmosedici machine. Today the Spanish rider concentrated mainly on suspension and set-up work.

    Sete totalled 66 laps around the Jerez track, with a best time of 1m41.466s

    "Today we focussed on set-up and suspension work" declared Sete. "It was useful to get to know exactly what I need to find the right feeling with the new bike. We made progress and managed to find a path that seemed right. With this set-up tomorrow we can concentrate more on the engine mapping. We are making small steps forward to avoid going in the wrong direction. I also tested the new tyres and started to give a few indications to the Bridgestone guys. I'm pleased with what we did today and hope to continue like this tomorrow."

    Marco Melandri (63 laps, 2'02"63 );

    "Today we tested a range of front and rear tyres. I'm very satisfied of the work done today and I'm very happy to work with the Michelin technicians at the development of the tyres. I complet! ely 63 laps and made an endurance test covering half of the race distance. Tomorrow we have scheduled a race simulation. I'm very happy, the bike is working very well and I feel a bit better compared to yesterday."

    Toni Elias (80 laps, 2'02"76);

    "Today we continued working on the setting of the bike, focusing especially on forks and the feeling with the bike has improved. I'm feeling more comfortable even though at the moment I'm not riding as I would like to ride. All in all, I'm very happy, we have adopted a step-by-step approach and I'm gaining confidence with the RC211V. Unfortunately today I was not feeling well but thanks to the doctors of the circuit, I could finish work programme scheduled for today.

    Nicky Hayden, Repsol Honda: 2m 03.00s - 69 laps;

    "Honestly I didn't have the greatest of days and I didn't improve on my lap time of yesterday. We tested chassis stuff all day. I was using the chassis that Max and Sete used at some races after Donington. It has some good points but I felt the old chassis was a little better because I know it so well. This chassis turns in good but in the fast corners I was not so comfortable. We used the same tyre we had used at the GP back in September but tomorrow we will test for Michelin and look for a tyre to use with this chassis then smooth out and get consistent. Today was good but I'm not satisfied with my own performance, I could have been better."

    Dani Pedrosa, Repsol Honda: 2m 03.28s - 59 laps;

    It was a difficult day, hard work in this heat and humidity. Today we tried several suspension settings and the ride height of the bike to try and make it more comfortable for me to ride. We did not change the tyre of tyre we were using because we don't want to change too much at one time while we are trying to get the information we need for me to get the best out of the bike. I found the basic direction that I need to be working in but it is still too early for me to say if the front end is really good for me. The engine settings we used were basically the same as we used yesterday. I am happy with the test so far and we have definitely made some progress and that is the most important thing. MotoGP testing is so intense and we quite a programme of tests, it's much different to what I have been used to."

    Temperatures: air 15 - 17, track 16 - 24

    Unofficial Lap Times;

  1. 1. Valentino Rossi (Ita/Yamaha) 2'02"62
  2. 2. Marco Melandri (Ita/Honda)2'02"63
  3. 3. Toni Elias (Sp/Honda) 2'02"76
  4. 4. Carlos Chec! a (Sp/Honda) 2'02"90
  5. 5. Colin Edwards (Usa/Yamaha) 2'02"98
  6. 6. Nicky Hayden (Usa/Honda) 2'03"04
  7. 7. John Hopkins (Usa/Suzuki) 2'03"24
  8. 8. Dani Pedrosa (Sp/Honda) 2'03"35
  9. 9. Nakano (Jap/Kawasaki) 2'03"49
  10. 10. Casey Stoner (Aus/Honda) 2'03"53