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MAG Flies Flag for Democracy - March 2nd 2006

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    The Motorcycle Action Group is generating opposition to the government's effort to undermine parliament.

    The Legislative and Regulatory Reform Bill 2006 seeks to streamline the political process to make it far easier for Government to slip through legislation without the normal checks and balances which have characterised British law making for centuries.

    MAG are particularly concerned by the reduced obligation to publish details of forthcoming legislation, at which point, in the past, groups like MAG have had warning of impending threats, thus giving us time to lobby for amendments.

    Having taken advice on the implications of the bill, MAG feels that as a group which represents a minority interest we are the most likely victims of it, as our opportunity to identify threats and organise opposition to them would be reduced.

    MAG is encouraging its members to contact their MPs and urge them to vote against the bill when it returns to Parliament for a Third Reading and urgently raise concerns to those MPs discussing the bill at present at Committee stage before Thursday 9th March.