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Race to Dakar team overcome dune conditions - January 3rd 2006

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    The Race to Dakar team have successfully completed day 4 of the 2006 Euromilihões Dakar Rally after enduring the toughest and longest special event so far.

    Riding south from Er Rachidia to Ouarzazate in Morocco, the team tackled a 386km special stage consisting of endless twisty and rocky tracks combined with high-speed roads and stretches of treacherous sand.

    For the first time in the race, the teammates were forced to experience riding in real sand dune conditions - a demanding test for many competitors that called upon crucial navigation skills, high performance machines and immense physical fitness.

    Spaniard, Isidre Esteve, won the fourth special stage in 04:13:01, beating compatriot, Marc Coma by a mere 28 seconds. However, Coma has now closed the overall gap in the motorcycle category over former leader, Cyril Despres, and is now reigns the top spot while Despres has been pushed back to fourth position.

    At the end of today's event, Race to Dakar team member Charley Boorman remains in 135th position overall, Simon Pavey in 136th and Matt Hall in 173rd.

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