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Best of both worlds - street wheels for the BMW HP2 Enduro - March 3rd 2006

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    The HP2 Enduro is without question the most extreme BMW off-road bike ever made and is the first in a new 'high performance' range of motorcycles from BMW Motorrad. Putting a tuned 105 hp Boxer engine in a stripped-down, purpose-built chassis has brought big-bore thrills to many dirt bike riders. However, the big advantage that the HP2 enjoys over its competitors is that it is 100 per cent road legal.

    As such - and in response to customer demand - a 17-inch set of street wheels is now available for the HP2, giving owners maximum riding pleasure on tarmac, with the added bonus of being able to quickly and easily change the bike back to enduro specification for off-road riding.

    Since its launch in September 2005 the world's most powerful production enduro bike has caught the imagination of off-road fans all over the globe. It has already seen action in legendary international races such as the Baja 1000 and Erzberg Rodeo, and even competed in the famous Hafren Rally closer to home. It also proved its long-distance capabilities and durability when Dakar rally veteran PG Lundmark rode one from the Nordkap in Norway all the way to the tip of South Africa earlier this year.

    But it's the short journeys where the new HP2 with street wheels will excel on tarmac. With sticky road rubber and more than 100 horsepower available, this high-performance BMW will be great fun to ride on the kind of twisty, bumpy, undulating surfaces that tie sports bikes up in knots. In town, its long-travel suspension and 920mm seat height will provide excellent visibility in traffic, while the massive amount of torque generated by the tuned 1,170cc Boxer engine (115 Nm at just 5,500 rpm) will undoubtedly make the journey to and from work the best part of the day.

    Available after BMW's New Season Launch weekend celebrations on 25-26 March, customers who purchase an HP2 Enduro can choose to have a set of street wheels included for an all-inclusive price of 12,595 on the road. The good news for existing HP2 owners is that they will be able to purchase a set of street wheels for a special price until the end of December 2006 - on submission of the appropriate vehicle documentation to their dealer. And for true off-road aficionados (who have no intention of riding their HP2 Enduro on tarmac) it is still possible to buy the HP2 Enduro without the street wheels option at 11,955.

    The set of street wheels come as standard with tubeless Continental Road Attack tyres (120/70 and 150/70) although other tyres authorised for use include the Bridgestone BT 020, Metzeler Roadtrac Z6, Pirelli Diabolo Strada and Pirelli Scorpion Sync. The spoked wheels (3.5 x 17 front and 4.0 x 17 rear) have anodised black rims and mounted brake discs. Adapted fork protectors and assembly instructions are also included.

    Changing from off-road to street wheels is very simple - and much like a standard wheel change - since the axle mounts are identical to those of the enduro wheels. Only the fork protectors have to be exchanged and the front brake calliper has to be bolted into the new assembly position in line with the larger brake disc diameter (320 mm).

    Customers can call BMW's information line: 0800 777 155 or visit for more information.