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World Outdoor Trials Championship Motegi, Japan - Round 4, Day 1 - June 3rd 2006

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    Dougie Lampkin recorded his worst result of the season to date, when he finished fifth at today's Japanese Grand Prix held at the famous Motegi Twin Ring circuit. Lampkin held second place at the end of the first lap, despite starting the trial with a disputed five at section two, but saw he challenge fade as he failed to match the improvement made by his rivals during the closing tour.

    Using a similar course to last year, the trial got underway with the traditional man made hazard on the main straight of the circuit, from here the action moved to six sections in a steep wooded area. The second half of the lap comprised of more constructed sections, with the exception of hazards eleven and twelve which were on a steep rocky outcrop that over looked the oval banked tracked.

    After a nervous dab in the opening section, Dougie suffered rough justice as he was wrongly awarded a five at section two, when in fact he only lost a dab. Initially the observer awarded him the single mark, but then bizarrely changed his mind, stating that Lampkin had over run the time limit, despite him being sat on his bike waiting for his card to be punched when the final whistle was blown.

    This injustice was to prove costly on what was a bad day all round.

    "The day started badly and just got worse. I thought the observer was joking when he said that I had ran out of time, but he obviously wasn't. It wasn't even a close call, it was just a massive mistake by an observer who seemed to get pleasure from what he done to me."

    "The rest of the story was way too many fives, eight in total, which included double fives at section two, four and six. What is really hard to swallow is that despite the bad luck and bad riding, I was only eight marks off winning, which seems incredible.

    "Tomorrow needs to be much, much better, that's all I can say, as today has been very disappointing both for me and the team."

    Championship current standings:

  1. 1: Raga - 91
  2. 2: Bou - 78
  3. 3: Lampkin - 75
  4. 4: Fujinami - 64
  5. 5: Cabestany - 62
  6. Dougie Lampkin's next event: 04/06/06 Sunday-- Motegi, Japan - Rnd 4 World Outdoor Chp.