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World Outdoor Trials Championship La Rabassa, Andorra - September 3rd 2006

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    Dougie Lampkin was robbed of a second place finish earlier today, when time penalties worked against the British rider to demote him to an eventual and slightly disappointing fourth position. Lampkin initially looked to have secured the runners up berth behind the unstoppable Albert Cabestany, on observation alone, but dropped down the leader board as he incurred marks on time. This was after he had been assured that the time limited had been extended due to two separate situations.

    Dougie was forced to waiting at least three minutes, along with two other riders, as officials made a decision to scrap section ten on the first lap, as a large rock became loose and very unsafe. The observer controlling the situation notified Lampkin that they had noted the numbers of the riders affected by this delay and this would be adjusted at the finish.

    The second incident happened late on the second lap, again as Dougie and two other riders were prevented from riding the section in question as medics attended to an injured Marc Freixa, who had suffered a nasty crash just in front Lampkin. Again officials on the scene advised the riders that an allowance would be made for this forced stoppage.

    However it was only at the finish, and when it was too late, that Lampkin discover that due to a technicality in the rules, addition time cannot be added except if it is a universal extension that affects all riders. With this not being the case, Dougie was left out in the cold despite posting the second best observation score on the final lap.

    "Fourth place again, but this time I am happy with the way that I rode, just not with the result. I really needed to ride well here to restore my confidence after my recent run of poor results, and after today I know again that I can be on the pace with the rest of the top guys. I am really gutted over the time issue, as we were told we would get extra time after having waited whilst they made a decision to scarp section ten on the first lap. Also we should have got extra time, as we had to wait late on the second lap whilst they removed an injured rider from one of the sections. With out the time penalties, I would have been second and still would have held on to third in the championship, now it all comes down to the final round in Belgium."

    Championship current standings:

  1. 1: Raga - 181
  2. 2: Fujinami - 171
  3. 3: Cabestany - 160
  4. 4: Lampkin - 159
  5. 5: Bou - 145
  6. Dougie Lampkin's next event: 24/09/06 Sunday - Spa, Belgium- Rnd 10 World Outdoor Chp.