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MotoGP - Ducati Try Riding In Darkness At Qatar - April 6th 2006

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    Carirossi and Rossi Prepare To Test In The Dark

    Vast football-stadium style lamps illuminated the Losail racetrack from the startline to the first corner this evening, to allow the three permanent riders on the Security Commission (Valentino Rossi, Kenny Roberts Junior and Loris Capirossi) try out the circuit during the hours of darkness, to evaluate the feasibility of holding races at night. (The test was carried out between 18.30 and 19.00, in full darkness).

    Loris Capirossi took part in this interesting experiment, completing a total of four laps on a road going Ducati 999R, the headlamps of which proved to be indispensable for those parts of the track without the benefit of artificial lighting.

    Loris Capirossi;

    "It would be possible to race here during the night but they need to improve the illumination which, at the moment, doesn't allow us to ride safely. Shadows, that depends on the light position, create some problems and also braking markers are not clearly visible. Anyway, if the lighting was improved, it would become possible to race here at night.

    If they would organize a night event, free practices would begin at 6.30 pm and all the rest of the schedule would be delayed as a result. Before the next tests or next year they will illuminate all the track and we will have the chance to test, in the dark, in better conditions and with our own MotoGP bikes".